SBN Mock Draft: Pick No. 32

No. 32

Pick by Stampede Blue

Justin Harrell
Defensive Takcle

Big Blue Shoe of Stampede Blue discusses the final pick of the first round, by the Super Bowl champs:

For the past week, I've tried to trade the 32nd pick to the New York Jets (we're getting a new blogger soon for the J-E-T-S crowd) for their two second round picks. From a value standpoint, it makes sense. It also makes sense because a player like Jon Beason or Michael Griffin may indeed be available at pick #32 for the Jets, while they might not be there in the late second round. I think players like Victor Abiamiri, Anthony Gonzalez, or Ray McDonald will indeed be there in the late second round, and those are players the Colts have targeted, in my opinion.

However, in this mock draft, the Jets did not take my trade offer. So, with the 32nd pick, I have the Colts selecting Justin Harrell, DT from Tennessee.

Why Harrell? Because the DT position is THE most important position in a Cover 2 defense. For all the glamour and praise Derrick Brooks got in Tampa Bay during their great days dominating on defense playing the Cover 2, he was next to nothing without the DT play of guys like Warren Sapp and Booger McFarland (both played DT). The Colts defense did not turn around until the Colts solidified their DT position by trading for Booger McFarland. However, if anything should happen to Booger, the Colts defense is sunk. Traditionally, the Colts have avoided taking DTs in the first round. They have passed on players liked William Joseph and Wendall Bryant, and for good reason. Harrell is different though.

Drafting Harrell makes sense for two reasons: 1) As an insurance policy in case McFarland gets hurt, and 2) Developing strong DT talent for the future. Although Harrell is a little big for Dungy's Cover 2 (310 pounds, 6'3"), but he is very quick, has a burst at the snap of the ball, and can penetrate into the backfield. He's a leader on the field with high intangibles and a strong work ethic. Guys like Joseph and Bryant in previous drafts were known slackers. Harrell works hard, plays hard, and plays hurt.

Durability is a concern, but the Colts are not looking for him to take heavy snaps in 2007. They will use him in their DT rotation, usually as the undertackle. With the loss of Montae Reagor and the eventual cutting of Corey Simon, the Colts are very thin at DT. Harrell immediately elevates the position.

That does it for Round One. The extended commentaries will decrease after this point, as we move on to the rounds in which the Seahawks actually do have a pick.

I'll post an update later this afternoon, since I'm on vacation in Sacramento (not necessarily an oxymoron) and need to get some R&R... Congratulations, everyone. We've mocked with the best of them.

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