Field Gulls Bracket Challenge Update/Open Thread for Friday's Games

Here are the standings after the first day:

  1. chocolate rabbit              14 for 16
  2. Scattershot Schizoid Ramblers 14 for 16
  3. Scruffy's Shipmen             14 for 16
  4. Seattle Comeback Kids         13 for 16
  5. Clean Shaven Lefty            13 for 16
  6. I miss DJ Hackett already     12 for 16
  7. Scruffy's Right Wing          12 for 16
  8. MUSCLE BUCKET                 12 for 16
  9. TonySoprano's Illegitimate Son11 for 16
  10. acblue                        11 for 16
  11. Yeah I rob                    11 for 16
I would be tied for first if freaking arizona pulled it out last night. assholes.

So yeah, I'm off today so I'm going to be following the games ALL DAY today and maybe updating this thing constantly for a bit/live blogging for fun.

So consider this an open thread I guess too to blab whatever. Hopefully people show up so I can shout at them.


Lazy live blog after the jump.

11:19 AM : Quiktrip in hand, laptop in lap, ass on couch, and I'm ready to go. UT-American tips off and UT score a quick deuce on a death screen by lofton. American is America's team.

11:23 AM : America's team is tied 4-4 with 16 minutes to go in the first half. UT seems to settling for perimeter shots when they should be going in strong. Bruce Pearl doesn't like it.

11:28 AM : America's team is putting up some points early against UTs suspect D. Who doesn't like Bill Raftery at 11:30 in the morning? SEND IT IN JEROME!

11:31 AM : And freakin' CBS switches me to the Drake-Western KY game because apparently i live in the MO Valley area. Oh well, that's why god created MMOD so I can watch the Gonzaga game!

11:37 AM : Gonzaga game up and going on MMOD. It's off to a good start with the Zags up five early on. America's team is still up by one midway through the first half.

11:41 AM : After a slow start, Drake is starting to realize they're playing Western KY, a team they should beat. Davidson and Gonzaga have decided to stop scoring, with good defense being played by both teams. Everyone's favorite semi-upset pick St. Mary's is up 9-2 early.

11:44 AM : My HD signal is sucking more than eggs right now. It needs to work itself out. Gonzaga goes on a mini-run to make it 20-15 at the 12:00 TV timeout.

11:50 AM : Drake-WKY is turning into an entertaining game. Both teams are making shots (particulaly 3s). American only down by two with five minutes to go in the first half.

11:55 AM : Gonzaga refuses to miss from 3 and is up 11 on Davidson. Elsewhere, Drake and WKY are tied at 20, St Mary's and Miami are 14-13 STM, and UT has a 4 point lead on American.

Noon : Well, no one's around so I'm going to stop wasting energy doing this and just enjoy the games for now. If someone stops by I'll resume.

12:53 PM : Well John's here so I guess I have to resume. Here's a quick update on scores

Gonzaga: 56 Davidson: 48

UT: 48 American: 40

St. Mary's: 35 Miami: 40

Drake: 43 WKY: 51

All good games. WKY has made almost every one of their 3s. American stayed with UT for awhile but now looks like UT is pulling away. Today's already looking better than yesterday!

12:59 PM : Davidson-Gonzaga turning out to be the game of the session. I believe it's a five point game. UT looks like it has the game sewn up after a brief scare. WKY has extended its lead over Drake to 14. It's never over with Drake. They could light it up at any time. Stay posted.

1:04 PM : Davidson and Gonzaga now tied at 62 with 9 left. Just as I thought the UT game was over, American hit a couple shots and is now down by 3 again, 54-51. Drake now down by 16. Miami up by 12. . .

1:10 PM : Davidson up 68-67 with 7 to go. If you haven't taken a lunch or something, you're going to want to get in front of a TV for the last 7 of this one. American still hangin' in there, down by 5 with 3 1/2 to go. Don't think it's going to happen.

1:15 PM : UT up by 10. That's over. Miami up by 12 with 8 left, probaly over. Gonzaga up by 1 with 4 1/2 to go. This game has lived up to its billing. Davidson is getting on the offensive glass.

1:21 PM : Drake attempting to comeback with 6 to go. Only down by 10 and starting to force turnovers and make shots. Davidson up by 2 with 3 to go. Jim Nantz isn't impressed.

1:27 PM : Davidson ran down all 35 seconds and then got a rebound and kicked it back out for a HUGE 3. Now up 77-74 with 50 left.

1:29 PM : Davidson knocks down 2 FTs to make it a five point game with 1/2 a minute to go. Awesome screenshot of Adam Morrison with girl hair frowning.

1:37 PM :

UT: 72 American: 57 nice try.

Davidson: 82 Gonzaga: 76 Great game, offensive rebound followed by 3 was huge for Davidson.

Attention now on the Drake WKY game. Drake now only down by 6.

1:41 PM :

Miami: 78 St. Mary's: 64

Didn't really pay attention to that game. Miami was up the whole time. The trendy upset pick I avoided didn't happen!!!

Drake only down by 1 with 1:12 to go after being down by 16.

1:49 PM : Drake and WKY tied at 88 and going to OT. Drake had a chance to win it at the end after Emmenecker drew a charge but couldn't get a good shot off. The madness has returned! Today is already better than yesterday.

1:54 PM : Drake up 93-92 halfway through OT. Both teams still taking a lot of 3s. Drake has the ball on a timeout. Couple more games about to tip off.

2:18 PM : Sorry. I get caught up in the action. WKY hit a buzzer beater in the game of the tourney so far. I have other stuff to be doing now, and the games now should be snoozers sans Butler-South Alabama.

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