2008 Sked and W-L Predictions

Training camp opens this week!! So the silly season of "predicting" where teams will finish starts now, populated by you, me, the guy at the corner grocery, and every talking head in TV, radio and print. Let's beat the rush. For the Seahawks it's a season of transition. Bye-bye Shaun-A., hello Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett. Josh Brown: division rival. Leaving Kirkland for Renton and the VMAC. Holmgren's swan song, with Mora in apprentice. Definitely a big year.



Seahawks at Vikings
Friday, August 8
KONG, 5:00 pm - NFLN, 8:30 pm

Bears at Seahawks
Saturday, August 16
KONG, 6:00 pm - NFLN, Sunday 10:00 am

Seahawks at Chargers
Monday, August 25
ESPN, 5:00 pm

Raiders at Seahawks
Friday, August 29
KING 5, 7:00 pm - NFLN, 10:00 pm


All that matters in the preseason is getting out uninjured. And not finishing winless. And beating the Chargers, because I'll be at the game screaming and drinking 100 beers. In their last regular-season meeting, San Diego handed the Hawks a last-minute loss in the rain at Qwest on Christmas Eve 2006. God that sucked. Week 3 of the preseason will also be the Seahawks only appearance on Monday Night Football. Nice respect for a 2nd-round playoff team defending its fourth straight division title.


Regular Season


Seahawks at Bills
Sunday, September 7
FOX, 10:00 am

All-time vs. BUF: 6-4

Me and my dad endured a hideous, frigid 38-9 beat-down at the hands of the Bills at Qwest in 2004. The upstaters richly deserve some payback. Buffalo looks to be a team on the rise, and winning on Week 1 has never been easy for the Hawks, but they're fortunate to make this trip East before the freeze sets in. Defense gets a couple of takeaways on Trent Edwards, Julius Jones comes out with a chip on his shoulder and goes for 100+. Seahawks. 1-0.


49ers at Seahawks
Sunday, September 14
FOX, 1:05 pm

All-time vs. SF: 10-8

Hopefully, Alex Smith will still be standing by Week 2. Visions of sacks and interceptions are already dancing in the defense's heads. Seahawks. 2-0.


Rams at Seahawks
Sunday, September 21
FOX, 1:05 pm

All-time vs. LA/STL: 10-9

Oh, hell yes. The sked is juicy early with two Divisional home games. If Josh Brown has a chance to win it with a field goal late we're screwed, but he won't. Brown and Howie Long's huge kid aren't going to resurrect this franchise overnight. Rams back to L.A.! That would make it a great division. Seahawks. 3-0.


Sunday, September 28

No team should have a bye so early, but that's the way it goes. At least they don't have to play overseas.


Seahawks at Giants
Sunday, October 5
FOX, 10:05 am

All-time vs. NYG: 5-7

Yikes. Tough game, but not a bad setup in that the weather should be good, and they have the bye week before the long flight and early start. I look forward to this one and like how we match up against NYG, but can't predict a road win against the Super Bowl champs. Seahawks haven't played well after the bye under Holmgren. Giants. 3-1.


Packers at Seahawks
Sunday, October 12
FOX, 1:15 pm

All-time vs. GB: 5-6
Playoffs: 0-2

Another huge game with lots of intrigue. Hawks looking to avenge the playoff loss on the frozen tundra. Holmgren facing his former team for the last time. To say these fuckers have had our number is an understatement. We stole their coach, but they stole Ahman Green and have ripped our hearts out twice in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers should be good for some takeaways, though, and Qwest will be on fire. Seahawks. 4-1.


Seahawks at Buccaneers
Sunday, October 19
NBC, 5:15 pm

All-time vs. TB: 7-1

Yet another big matchup, this time on Sunday Night Football. Seattle gets a little road-game luck by not playing at Florida in the summer, and with the late kickoff. Those factors should level the playing field a bit, the Hawks historically play well in prime time, and the Bucs still might not have an answer at QB. Oh, and Fuck You Jerramy! Seahawks. 5-1.


Seahawks at 49ers
Sunday, October 26
FOX, 1:15 pm

The Alex Smith Era may be over by late October. Thank you, 9ers, for continuing to suck. Seahawks. 6-1.


Eagles at Seahawks
Sunday, November 2
FOX, 1:15 pm

All-time vs. PHI: 5-6

It seems like we play the Eagles every year. As The Dude said so eloquently: "I hate the fucking Eagles!" Will McNabb be healthy? Feeley? Hawks have had their number in recent years and this one should be no different. Seahawks. 7-1.


Seahawks at Dolphins
Sunday, November 9
FOX, 10:00 am

All-time vs. MIA: 3-6
Playoffs: 1-2

A "trap" game if there ever was one. Another long flight, but again they catch the Florida weather at the right time. Win this one and we could be 7-2 or even 8-1, with a great head start on home field advantage. Seahawks. 8-1.


Cardinals at Seahawks
Sunday, November 16
FOX, 1:05 pm

All-time vs. STL/PHX/AZ: 9-9

I'm very close to officially hating the Cardinals more than any other team, even the Rams and the Raiders. I can't look at them without wincing. Sucktastic history, horrible revamp of a classic uniform, leftover nickname and scheme from the original St. Louis franchise. Whisenhunt looks like he's got them headed in the right direction, though, and they're the hip pick to win the division. Screw you Zona. You still suck. Seahawks. 9-1.


Redskins at Seahawks
Sunday, November 23
FOX, 1:15 pm

All-time vs. WAS: 4-9
Playoffs: 2-0

Another huge game, a playoff rematch and Zorn's first trip to Seattle as head coach. Might have merited a Monday Night appearance but the Hawks play the following Thursday. A triumphant return ain't likely for ol' #10. Seahawks. 10-1.


Seahawks at Cowboys
Thursday, November 27
FOX, 1:15 pm

All-time vs. DAL: 4-6
Playoffs: 1-0

Hawks draw the traditional Thanksgiving matchup against the Cowboys. Short week, a good Dallas team and a tough game to win in the last year of Texas Stadium. Cowboys. 10-2.


Patriots at Seahawks
Sunday, December 7
NBC, 5:15 pm

All-time vs. NE: 7-7

Potentially ginormous NFL matchup, especially if Seattle actually gets to this point with only two losses. A "flex" Sunday Night game against the Pats is not going to get bumped. Who knows how the Pats will be playing, but assuming Tom Brady is upright, they're likely to be their normal badass selves. Hawk Nation will be in full throat for this one, and the Hawks will be on three extra days of rest, but a W against these guys will be a tall order. Preview of SB XLIII? Or just China Bowl 2009... Patriots. 10-3.


Seahawks at Rams
Sunday, December 14
FOX, 10:00 am

I really hate the fucking Rams too. Playing at St. Louis is never easy and they have our kicker now. Saint Lou is old and might be in deep suckitude by mid-December, but even if they're winless they will play us like it's the playoffs. Rams. 10-4.


Jets at Seahawks
Sunday, December 21
CBS, 1:05 pm

All-time vs. NYJ: 8-8

Could Pennington still be their QB by December? The Jets are awful regardless, and if the Hawks are on a 3-game losing streak they'll be out for blood. They should always beat the living shit out of this team as retribution for you-know-what. Seahawks. 11-4.


Seahawks at Cardinals
Sunday, December 28
FOX, 1:15 pm

This could be a meaningless game if Seattle has clinched their playoff position, but if the Hawks play their starters, they won't lose to Zona. It will almost certainly be meaningless to the Cards. Fucking Cardinals, I hate you. Seahawks. 12-4.


12-4 looks doable if: the offensive line comes together, Julius Jones runs downhill and hits holes like Shaun wouldn't, if Deion Branch comes back and produces, and if the team stays relatively healthy across the board. A win at Tampa Bay is probably my shakiest pick, so call 11-5 the floor, with 13-3 the ceiling if they win at St. Louis. It's an interesting schedule overall, with a lot of entertaining matchups on paper, and aside from the early bye week, some favorable timing for the Hawks.

Do it for Coach, fellas. GO SEAHAWKS!!


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