Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft (55-59)

We're continuing the Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, albeit in a reduced form. With training camp upon us, this will be the format until we wrap up in about a week. At that time, each drafter will submit a holistic look at their teams.

55. DKSHFTF select Terry Wooden, LB

When it comes to the remaining linebackers, one in particular stands out for consistent, heady play. That would be Terry Wooden. We at the Fun Time Factory were always impressed with Wooden's intelligence, and believe that he could easily fit into the middle for our team. Playing for the Hawks from 1990-1996, Wooden amassed 557 tackles, good for 5th all-time in Seahawks history. He was not used as a sack artist, which is not what our team, which already includes plenty of pass rushers needs. Instead, we'll take Wooden's all around solid playmaking abilities (6 INTs, 10 FRs) and take our linebacking corps to the final level.

56. (19)76ers select Terry Taylor, CB

Taylor was the Seahawks first-round draft pick in 1984. He was small (5'10") but put up five productive seasons for the Hawks, recording 15 interceptions. After departing for Detroit and Cleveland (he obviously preferred playing for the league's powerhouse teams) he returned to the Hawks in 1994 for a, er, victory lap. With Taylor joining Trufant at the corners, the Sixers will be difficult to pass against, at least to the outside. Safeties? Who needs safeties?

57. (19)76ers select Keith Simpson, S

Simpson played primarily cornerback, but logged time at safety as well. The Sixers will play him at free safety, where his 6'1", 195 lb frame should do nicely. Simpson played for the Hawks for eight years, logging 19 interceptions. I remember Simpson because my dad's name is Keith and he worked for a time in the early 80s for the Simpson logging company. That's enough to earn Keith Simpson a spot on the Sixers.

58. DKSHFTF select D.J. Hackett, WR

I think we all know how underrated DJ Hackett was as a playmaking WR. Be it DVOA, DPAR and such, Hackett always outperformed established WRs, including one Deion Branch who is paid considerably more. Over his few seasons, Hackett averaged more yards per game than earlier competition, including Sam McCullum and Mike Pritchard. His one drawback? An unfortunate propensity to miss time with injury. But when healthy, Hackett runs clean routes, and has an innate ability to get open easily downfield. He is a big target and a perfect compliment to Brian Blades. The playmaking abilities of our offense improve with the addition of this WR, who we wish the best of luck to in Carolina.

59. Springfield Mudbones select Joe Jurevicius, WR

Another one-year Hawk, but without him we'd probably still be roaming the earth waiting for Seattle's first Super Bowl appearance. He made his 55 regular season receptions count, taking 10 into the end zone. He'd be a nice big target for Warren Moon in the 'bones 3-receiver offense. Why three receivers and no tight ends? Maybe because there isn't a single tight end in team history worth being picked in this entire draft.

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