Seattle Seahawks Trap, Kill and Skin Jaguars 41 - 0

There's a moment when you're walking at night; your shadow shifts suddenly and your lizard brain thinks: Someone's behind me. That's the Seahawks, Gold Diggers, and their armed, talented and sanguinary with revenge.

Every win can feel like the season, but something special happened today. It wasn't just Matt Hasselbeck, but the difference a competent quarterback makes is startling. It wasn't just a passing game beginning to overwhelm with its weapons, but even the Jaguars suck is not enough to discredit the way Seattle played. It was the defense. It didn't turn fluky picks into points, but the turnovers where there. It stopped Jacksonville on every single drive, every single play, every single assignment. It ruled Qwest. It tore the Jags throat out.

There isn't words for the high I'm feeling now. If this is a turning point for Seattle's D, or the turning points was last week when Gus Bradley went off in Indy, it only matters that they turned into something new, something young and dynamic and special, and God help us it never turns back.

It's realistic it never does.


22: Nick Reed.

23: Aaron Curry,

24: Brandon Mebane, Lawrence Jackson, Josh Wilson.

25: Darryl Tapp, Red Bryant.

26: Will Herring

27: Lofa Tatupu.

That's a core to build around; a core that gets better each game.

I think Tim Ruskell has a job.

Game Ball: I'm sure I'll see it better in the coming week, but I do not think Kyle Williams was dominant or even good today. It helps a ton that the Jaguars have very little pass rush. But there's no such thing as a fourth string left tackle. Williams is officially replacement level. And Seattle won with a replacement level left tackle. How?

It's complicated but it's simple. No single player other than the quarterback makes an offense and no single player but a quarterback can ruin it. That's been true for at least ten years. Williams took a modicum of experience and turned it into a performance that kept Seattle's busted-ribs quarterback and still-learning offense clean and driving. Do I sing of Kyle Williams, no, I sing of Mike Solari.

Mike Solari has kept this line functioning. Jim Mora may not master a press conference and he's no genius, but he identifies coaching talent like few others. Solari, Greg Knapp, Gus Bradely, Dan Quinn, Tim Lewis and Zerrick Rollins, take a bow. You too, Mr. Mora.

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