Who would you like to see Seattle target in free-agency?

And of course, why?  

For my part, I'm looking at current needs, and with the understanding (or belief on my part) that rookies don't always (some would say rarely) make an immediate impact by filling a need adequately, I want the Hawks to target an area of immediate need.  In my mind that is O-line, D-line and D-backs.

I offer three options:

1.  Aaron Kampman-DE Green Bay

Kampman was apprehensive about the switch to 3-4 OLB and based on results thus far, with good reason.  He's done an admirable job by most accounts, but only has 3.5 sacks and prefers his hand in the dirt.  In 2006-2007 he led the NFL with 23.5 sacks.  He'll be 30 next year, so could start to suffer the typical drop-off in DE performance, as has been experienced with Kerney.  Still, I have to believe he'd prefer to play in a 4-3, and I think he'd provide the improved QB pressure we need.  Clearly, Seattle would have to part with Kerney and his salary if they sign Kampman.

2.   Richard Seymour-DT Oakland

Oakland made a mind-boggling trade for Seymour who was reluctant about the move and remains unsigned beyond this season.  He has dramatically improved Oakland's D-line play; however, I'd be shocked if he desires to stay in Oakland.  He's been one of the premier 4-3 DT's and could seriously upgrade Seattle's D-line, allowing Mebane to move back to 1-tech.  The totality of signing Seymour would not only make for a stout run defense, but also improve QB pressure.  Cole would be relegated to competing with Bryant for playing time inside, or released or traded.

3.  Oshiomogho Atogwe-FS St. Louis

Playing under St. Louis franchise tag, if St. Louis doesn't hammer out a long-term deal with him, Atogwe will command big money in spite of a down year.  But then, who besides Steven Jackson hasn't had a down year in St. Louis?   I still hope and believe Trufant will return to Pro-Bowl form, and Wilson is steady, so I view Safety as the bigger need.  Atogwe has the added benefit of depriving St. Louis of their best defensive player, so ++ in value.  At 28, he's getting up there in age, but no reason to believe he doesn't have 4-5 more years of excellent play left in those legs.

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