The Official Fantasy Football Thread – Week 14. The place for fantasy talk, thought, questions and general fantasy ranting.

Here at Field Gulls we’ve had discussions on just about every aspect of football, including having discussions about when we can or should have discussions about Fantasy.  Well, this IS the place.  You can, if you must, add fantasy talk in additional game threads, but be warned, someone may be watching, and they may be mocking.  Here, you have free rein to talk your team’s reign or your rain of injuries.

Something to note, and this should be a true football fan’s golden ticket when it comes to heaven and hell and the voiding of the warranty on your soul. 

The first rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against your favorite team.
The second rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against your favorite team.

On this site, NEVER cheer against the Seahawks due to your fantasy roster.  My personal rule is to avoid as much as possible acquiring division rivals, or to avoid playing them against the Seahawks if reasonably possible.  Statements like, “Well, at least I have Larry Fitzgerald on my fantasy team” (if) he was scorching the Hawks will unleash the hounds of hell upon you.  Please don’t be that one bastard playing the “Don’t Come” line at the craps table.  Not only will you bring bad mojo to everybody, but you’ll likely get verbally harassed, if not banned.  You’re a Seahawk fan, you aren’t “that guy” you are one of OUR guys—act like it!

The NFL season may still be a jockeying for playoff position, but this is playoff week for a lot of you.

The interesting thing about Fantasy Playoffs is the lack of connection to the real playoffs.  I’ve even heard it called the Peyton factor.  You know what I’m referring to—that team that finished your league regular season 3 games up in first place, but they have Peyton Manning leading them, and come fantasy playoff time he’s phasing down as the Colts “get healthy” for the NFL playoffs.  I’ve seen this destroy many a so-called well constructed fantasy team.

There may even be a lesson in that for us… but I don’t know if it is for GM’s drafting fantasy teams to avoid the Colts, or for the Colts to learn their lesson and stop going into cruise control come week 14 just to lose in their first playoff game. 

I personally made the playoffs in one league while going 6-7.  I still am convinced my team is dangerous for the playoffs, but I had a really bad QB matchup—a struggling Carson Palmer vs. Minnesota.  I picked up Vince Young earlier in the week, but he’s now listed as questionable and didn’t practice Friday—not a good sign.  I went back to the waiver wire and found Hasselbeck sitting there.  Hey, if I’m going to lose, I might as well lose with MY QB, DAMMIT.  C’mon, Matty.  Pull one more great one out for me, and of course-- the Hawks.

Pickups of the week – Quinton Ganther, RB Washington. Chris Brown, RB Houston.  With Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts on the IR, Ganther is a starter by default.   With Steve Slaton on IR, someone is going to get the carries in Houston, we just don't know who yet.  Being that Brown has already also gotten the goal line looks, he’s your man.  Pick them both up for bench strength, but sit Brown against Seattle’s stout run D this week.

Drop of the Week – Steve Slaton, RB Houston.  Projected for 14th overall in Yahoo’s rankings, he went on the IR a disappointing 64th overall with 4 games to play.  Matt Forte owners are all wishing it was their guy that went down instead, to put them out of suffering.  And seeing how Chicago plays Green Bay this week, safe to say the suffering will continue.

Start of the Week – Ray Rice RB Baltimore (vs. Detroit).  Last week was the first week all season Rice did not go over 100 combined yards from scrimmage, and Baltimore is hurting right now, but Detroit is hurting worse.  Look for the Ravens to ride Rice to a win while they keep themselves in the wildcard hunt.

That’s it for this week.  Good luck for those of you in the playoffs!
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