Why the Hawks Org won't draft or sign a QB in 2010.

This originally was a post as part of the "draft Suh with our first pick" post. But I think it deserves it's own post as I feel this will lead to a pretty good debate.

It seems every fan wants a new QB. This post is meant to debate whether the Seahawks organization (not YOU) feels we need to pursue a top-tier QB through draft or free-agency.

Please keep in mind that I'm taking the position of the Seahawks organization. I have absolutely ZERO insight into the Seahawks organization. But I have this sinking suspicion that our QB situation will look no different in 2010 and here's why.

Reason 1a: Hasselbeck is still viable. 

He’s had huge games this year (one example: Jaguars). His performance has regressed this year, but it could be attributed to: injuries (ribs, shoulder), an inconsistent and ineffective offensive line, a mostly new crop of receivers with which he’s not familiar, a new offensive scheme, a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, a new playbook and an ineffective run game. Whew, that’s a lot of potential reasons.


Next year he’ll likely play better. Yes, he'll be 35. But he’s never been much of a downfield passer, so his declining arm strength doesn’t factor with our offense. He's convinced by the S&C coach to get in better shape. He’ll be fully healthy. He’ll have more experience with all of the new pieces (players, coaches, scheme) of the team. 

Reason 1b: If Hass doesn't work out, we have a starter between Seneca Wallace and Mike Teel 

Seneca a very talented backup. He’s extremely versatile and could fit a Michael Vick scheme (for which we have the scheme and the coaching staff to support). He’s played somewhat well when starting; some of the silly errors simply need to be coached out of him (like running out of bounds instead of throwing the ball away). He’s not a franchise quarterback, but could be serviceable and cheap. 

Teel played well in the preseason and could be aggressively developed into a starting QB material. This is a long shot, but possible.

Reason 3: We will win games in 2010 with our absolutely stifling defense

In one fell swoop, we can complete our defense during the draft and free-agency. We add an elite DT (Suh, McCoy, or Dockett) to pair with Mebane. Our interior line becomes monstrous and even the best o-lines struggle to contain our DTs, thus freeing our DEs to wreck havok. We draft or sign an elite Safety (Berry, Mays) to pair with the much improving Babineaux. We re-sign Redding, cut/restructure Kerney and add a young, aggressive DE to replace/eventually replace the aging Patrick Kerney.

As a result, our rush defense becomes dominant (it’d already be ranked 4-5 if you remove the two long runs by Gore from the first 49ers game, when Mebane/Lofa/Hill were out), our pass rush improves (we’re already 12th in the league) and our pass defense likely improves because we better rush the passer and have more talent in the backfield.

We force numerous three and outs, force turnovers, and score through sheer time of possession.


Do I agree with this logic? Maybe. Am I nuts? Maybe.

Is this how the organization will think? This is the big question.

I honestly won’t be shocked if the Hawks don’t draft or sign a QB in 2010.

Flame away!

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