What the Losers Are Saying: San Francisco 49ers

The Seahawks have now won more games than all of last season. Seattle once again did not play poorly but they weren't exactly fantastic. They did enough to win after falling behind at home again. But this segment doesn't talk about winners. Whenever the Seahawks pull out a win, we take a scope at how the other half copes with defeat. This week's victim is the San Francisco 49ers. They absolutely had to win this game and decided not to. The 49ers fans are none too happy about that. If any Niners supporters are perusing this neck of the woods I just want to say that this is by no means meant to disrespect the fanbase. The point of WTLAS has always been to see what the defeated team thinks.

Before I begin this I just want to get the whole Jones/Forsett thing off my chest. It's not meant to slight any individual but it is a collective statement towards anyone who was pissed that Forsett barely got any carries yesterday while Julius Jones got the majority of the touches.

If you honestly believe Knapp is at fault (or Mora) for the lack of carries from Forsett yesterday then you're thinking irrationally. Forsett was injured a mere two days before gameday and Jones was coming off an injury in which he had 2 weeks to heal.  Jones was a lock to play while Forsett was questionable.The argument that Force didn't look hurt is invalid because with each play he is out on the field the body is forced to work harder and make the legs work even more, thus increasing the chance of reaggravating his quad injury. If Forsett gets injured then either you give Jones even more carries or watch Louis Rankin slowly make his way to the line of scrimmage for a 1 yard gain.

What happens from here on out we will have to wait and see, but the criticism of how the Jones/Forsett issue was handled in regards to last Sunday is insane.

Now onto the losers...(normally I censor the language but I'm lazy so I'll forgo that idea. I hope you like swearing).

In-Game: Niners Fumble on Punt Return Reverse


fuck this team

Holy shit

That was fucking terrible.

WTF Is with the retarded trick punt returns?

Instead of one putting one horrible punt returner back there let’s give TWO of them the chance to fuck up!

I’ve been saying for two seasons to get rid of fucking Arnaz Battle because he’s utterly useless. At the very least bury his ass on EVERY depth chart including special teams punt returns.

brandon jones sucks balls


A bunch of comments from Niners Nation's game thread.

The same way I felt that fumble that Seattle didn't recover when Shaun Hill got sacked in the 1st game was huge, this was also huge. Sure it was early but our offense was looking like it would play like it did in the 1st Cardinals game. Nick Reed recovered the fumble like the Seahawks legend that he is, and the Seahawks were gifted 7 points.

In-Game: Deon Butler catches for 32 and Olindo Mare Wins it

the game and probably the season

okay that was a wasted three hours


RIP Playoffs

fuck fuck fuck fuck


nobody’s fault but our own

Jimmy Ray has got to go

Alright, now might as well just bring on the fucking tank the rest of the season

One of the worst coached games anyone will ever see now that Nolan isn’t a head coach anymore.

What an utterly inept, clueless, pathetic football team. There was no excuse to lose this game.


Sigh, I already get my masochist going on when I watch the Warriors, this is just utterly depressing.


More Niners Nation fun.

We're not done.

i'm gonna kick in the TV, i swear

That last possession was 100% pure BS. This coaching staff has no friggen clue as to what the hell they are doing. They need to be fired at the end of the season.

Im going to cry.

this is awful. i really have not enjoyed this game. i knew we would do this. we did everything to lose. singletary must go...he coached like a deer in headlights today. alex's last throw was irresponsible. get the 3 yards not throw a silly nearly intercepted pass.

I don't get why on 3rd and 3 we don't just get the first down....we had 2 time outs.

How do you get the ball back with 40 seconds left and NOT run enough time to NOT give them all that time to get a FG? HOW?

Thoughts expressed by members of the 49ers Message Board.

Would anyone care to note that Burleson had a 21 yard punt return to get us to our own 48 on that last drive? Every once in a while he has the 2007 Burly in him. Now hold on to that football and finish those routes so I won't be frustrated with you every week. I like you Burly.

Post-Game Video Crow: 49ers Fall to Seahawks 20-17



And one more bit of crow...

mrbrandontheniner (who happens to have a Washington 42 Cal 10 video as well).

That concludes this week's edition of WTLAS. Seattle's playoff chances just about ended on Monday when, in typical Seahawks fate, neither the Cardinals nor the Packers lost. That means we're 3 games out of both the wild card and divisional chase (tiebreaker makes it 4) with 4 games to go. I think this team can finish 8-8. I'm feeling optimistic about this defense. Babs, Mebane, and Wilson have all been phenomenal the last few weeks. This weekend we play a Texans team in disarray. Brian Russell may or may not be active. If Houston loses it's likely because Russell's stink got all over them. SEA! HAWKS!

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