Run For Your Lives, it's Logan Payne!

We've hit another lull in worthwhile NFL news. Tomorrow we'll have the NFL schedules to look at, so today we'll take a quick gander at a TNT interview with Logan Payne.

If I were a fan of the Seahawks, I'd be deeply concerned about the health of Logan Payne moving forward. Hopefully we'll get some good news.

Wide Receiver Logan Payne says he’s 100 percent healthy now after rehabilitating a torn MCL in his right knee he suffered at Qwest Field in the second game of the season against San Francisco.

Yahtzee! With a fully healthy Payne, the Hawks offense will be unstoppable. On every highlight of a run down the field, Payne will have already pancaked two defensive backs and the opposing defensive coordinator. In fact, his domination of the opposing defense will be so complete that he'll spend more time signing babies after touchdowns than he will standing idly on the sideline.

Opposing defenders will cower in fear. Get ready for the Fall of Payne.

“At Minnesota that’s all we ran was zone blocking,” he said. “We didn’t really throw the ball much up there (laughs). So yeah, I think I kind of have an advantage in that. I really like the zone scheme. I even know what the guards and tackles are doing from college. So I’m really comfortable with going down and getting linebackers and safeties.

The greatest football visionary of our time, John Madden, predicted the sort of carnage that Payne will inflict. Don't believe me? Just ask Wikipedia.

Logan Payne is the strongest Wide Receiver in Madden 09. His Strength rating is an astounding 92

Payne is fighting an uphill battle to get any sort of playing time. He was terrific in college. Looking up his stats will surprise you. The Big Ten usually has one or two excellent white wideouts who fall off the map after college. Ed Hinkel, for instance, was a freak at Iowa. Last year, both Eric Decker (Minnesota) and Eric Peterman (Northwestern) turned in outstanding performances.

It's also important to remember that making an NFL team is no small achievement. Logan Payne may have no major impact on the Seahawks season, but he's still a great athlete. All mockery aside, here's hoping that he earns his spot on the team and can contribute down the road. His willingness to block may help him do just that.

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