John's Mock -- And in the fifth round...

This is Jeff Rowe:


He is Seattle's current third string quarterback. Mary Lick would argue Rowe is without obstacle to reach his potential. Rowe's potential is debatable, as he's very young and very inexperienced. Seattle acquired him by signing Rowe off Cincinnati's practice squad. He's the kind of prospect people attempting to beat the system always clamor for their team to take, then forget before whining about their stupid GM and his stupid inability to sign a quarterback. Rowe is a sleeper because he's 6'5" and his stats aren't horrendous. Except his sack stats. His sack stats are horrendous, but pocket presence and quick release are totally de-emphasized in the NFL. Skills as out of place as the option pitch. Besides, he's probably grown out of it. Let's see...Rowe has...42 preseason pass attempts, and in those attempts he's been sacked..hmm...9 times. see...

This is Seattle's current third string quarterback:


But this could very soon be Seattle's third string quarterback:


Nate Davis has a learning disability. It's a reading disability not unlike Seneca Wallace's. That's sent pro teams scurrying. At Ball State's pro day, only Indianapolis was in attendance. That's more depressing the more you think about it. Davis also tosses without the laces, which seriously weirds out scouts. Davis is too short, too. A full, well about a half rather inch shorter than Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez. A crucial half inch. That's more or less the case against him.

Davis' arm strength is comparable to Stafford's. Stan Parish's offense was somewhat like a spread offense, but from what limited tape I've seen, it's actually more downfield focused than Mark Richt's screen-intensive Georgia offense. Davis has taken snaps from center (he estimates 30% of all snaps), but may need a glove to ensure strong ball handling. He's a great athlete, with ability to move inside and outside the pocket and launch bombs on the run.

He dominates Stafford statistically. In 39 games played, Davis threw for more yards per attempt (8.21 to 7.83), a better completion percentage (60.3% to 57.1%), more touchdowns per attempt (1 per 15.2 to 1 per 19.4), fewer interceptions per attempt (1 per 51.1 to 1 per 29.9) and a lower sack percentage (4.7% to 5.2%). Davis may not be better than Stafford. The odds are against it, but that the two are so comparable is poignant. Not long ago there were whispers Davis could be drafted in the first day. Between then and now, no football games have been played. Davis wasn't injured or arrested. And if the real reason many are no projecting Davis to fall to the sixth is a learning disability and an unorthodox delivery, damn if I wouldn't want Seattle to be the team that gives him a chance to punish the league for its bigotry.

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