NFL Draft Live Blog

Yep. I'm live blogging the entire draft.

12:45: Deion is doing a call and response with the fans. It's lame.

12:47: Josh Freeman is HUGE. You just don't realize how big that guy is until you see him stand among his peers.

12:48: This lineup is like a hierarchy of calm. Crabtree looks super cool, but at the end it's all happy feet and hands in their pockets.

12:52: The NFL's premier draft experts, including fired coaches, defamed GMs and concussed former players. They can't speak without stammering, but damn do they know how to read what some underpaid underling feeds them.

12:55: Mayock has us with Crabtree. I'm cool with that.

12:59: "Matthew Stafford spreading his legs." Thanks Eisen, he'll need that skill in Detroit. I'm not sure if I'm hyped or if this Claritin is just making me lightheaded.

1:03: Football is like war, and today we deal the cards. The battles aren't fought, but today we'll decide the winner.

1:05: "A better athlete than people want to give him credit for." That's damning with faint praise. I thought that kind insight was saved for seventh round picks.

How much you want to bet Stafford hates Bobby Layne.

1:08: Stafford: "I'm going to put my nose to ground and work." Well, I believe he won't have a choice about part of that. Here's a bold prediction, Stafford will suffer a major injury before his first two seasons are up.

1:14: Rams select Jason Smith, sucking the drama right ouf of that pick. A very solid pick and should develop. Exactly what a team wants from the #2.

1:16: Gruden lives and breathes football. You will never see anyone more amped to talk football than Gruden. I think he has another great run of coaching in him.

1:21: Here's the guys I want: Jenkins, Jackson, Crabtree and Curry. I only like Curry in that he won't likely bust, and that's huge when you're paying someone that much.

1:24: The Chiefs select Tyson Jackson! Curry here we come.

1:26: You know, I love Tyson Jackson and think this is a great  pick for Kansas. Jackson looks like an incredible pro.

1:28: There's that commercial everyone's been anticipating. I like how we need a special product to get sugar back into our cola. And call me provincial, but I have no idea what Golden Corral is.

1:40: God bless the Jets. God bless the Jets. Enjoy Sanchez New York, you should be hearing plenty about him for the next couple years.

1:49: Anyone looking for reinforcement that Sanchez will be a fantastic disaster, the Jets just devastated their team to take him, and it was the Jets that devastated their draft to get him.

1:51: Andre Smith, you may now forget the last two months of bollocks surrounding your draft stock.

1:56: Heyward-Bey! Heyward-Bey! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahah OMFG!~

1:59: Everyone says Al Davis loves speed. I never knew they meant methamphetamines.

2:08: Here's some food for thought: Aaron Curry ran a 4.56 forty. That means that in a straight line race, he could outrun Michael Crabtree.

2:10: Curry's advice to the young players: "Keep grinding--just not your patella!"

2:15: Hopefully Raji can stop looking at his hand long enough to find his way to the podium. Raji makes sense as a one-gap nose tackle and only a one-gap nose tackle. I expect Green Bay to completely botch this.

2:20: Mark down September 20, will Crabtree run wild? Or will Seattle put Curry over Crabtree and watch our first round linebacker shut down their first round wide receiver?

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