NFL Draft Live Blog II

Through life experience I can say, the things that seem most jarring and unsavory at first, can sometimes end up the best things in the world.

2:29: Stafford was gone. Tyson Jackson was gone. I would've liked Seattle to select Jenkins, big-picture, Jenkins is a run of the mill first overall cornerback--or so he scouts. I didn't want a tackle, and I abhorred Seattle selecting Mark Sanchez. Given all that, Curry actually makes a lot of sense.

2:34: The Redskins will be unstoppable for like seven games, and then some guys will get injured and their depth will be forced to play and they'll crumble.

Can everyone stop saying "X team just got better"? It's the stupidest cliche in the draft.

2:42: Here's someone I haven't talked about: Asher Allen. With Malcolm Jenkins off the board, and a presumed run on corners to come, I think Seattle might target Allen in the second or third.

Allen played man cover at Georgia and is the kind of polished, play-today pick Ruskell loves.

2:51: English is the first real surprise. The upshot of so many teams going 3-4 is that some 4-3 talent is going to fall. Laurinaitis is no longer and option, but someone like Hood, a true 4-3 end like Johnson are both possible.

2:56: English looks like a reach, but only because draft boards haven't fully adapted to the proliferation of the 3-4. English makes a lot of sense as a rush linebacker, and with so many teams looking for that same position, it's solid to get a pure rush linebacker and not an end you have to convert.

2:58: Josh Freeman, a veritable toolbox of bust.

2:59: Trading down makes sense, but then so does taking the kind of talent that doesn't fall past ten. Players like Walter Jones, Calvin Johnson and Deion Sanders. That's the level Curry is on. Seattle has done a solid job acquiring solid talent, but it was largely without superstars. Position aside, Curry is the first superstar talent Seattle has selected since Walter Jones.

3:06: Not sure how Ayers fits in a 3-4. Give it to Mike Nolan, he's going to work that suit and his dad into an NFL coaching career.

3:08: This is where draft analyst get themselves into trouble. Not only is it not really likely Ayers is the best defensive pick in this draft, he could completely bust. Seriously, hyperbolic guarantees are going to make Mayock look like Kiper if he doesn't tone it down. No one, no one knows for sure how a draft will work out.

3:12: Browns trade down for another sixth round pick. Their practice squad is going to own their second team.

3:13: Maclin, huh. Don't see how that complements DeSean Jackson. Seems like they just added a duplicate player.

3:20: Yeah, like Jason Witten without speed. This pick makes no sense. Even an elite tight end is borderline first round. Pettigrew is a solid tight end, a potentially great tight end, but a tight end. A final piece for a good team, not a player you put on a team in disarray.

3:28: Harvin is explosive. Peterson is elite. That offensive line is awesome. The only thing missing is a quarterback. The Minnesota Experiment continues.

3:35: With 11 picks between now and Seattle's next pick, one of these players will fall: Wells, Maualuga, Jerry, Butler, Britton, Hood, Davis, Robiskie, Alphonso Smith, Donald Brown, Duke Robinson, Nicks, Michael Johnson, Sean Smith, Max Unger, Delmas, Beatty, Sean Smith, Chung, Moore and Greene.

Damn fine.

3:42: Atlanta is really going all in for this season. I kind of hope Matt Ryan regresses, because otherwise that's a team that's just opened its window wide for the next four seasons.

3:47: Dammit it Seattle, trade up and take Everette Brown or Duke Robinson. It might be stupid, but it's what I want so do it, do it.

3:53: Damn, I guess that's goodbye Everette Br--YES! Matthews! And another pick Seattle doesn't want is taken, and Seattle's second looks that much better.

3:58: Bill Belichick is good.

That is all.

4:01: Ten picks to go: Wells, Maualuga, Butler, Britton, Hood, Davis, Robiskie, Alphonso Smith, Duke Robinson, Nicks, Michael Johnson, Sean Smith, Max Unger, Delmas, Beatty, Sean Smith, Chung, Moore and Greene.

4:03: Whoever Buffalo needs, they won't likely take a player Seattle wants. This is getting exciting.

And it's Wood. Nice. Very Nice. I'm getting giddy.

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