The Tape: Jeremiah Masoli is a College Quarterback

It's funky scouting Max Unger. Not just because the Ducks' offense is nothing like a pro-style offense, but because Jeremiah Masoli is nothing like a pro-style quarterback. Strike that, he's a lot like Seneca Wallace. Like Wallace, sometimes it's hard to know when pressure is real or imagined, if a play is poorly executed or just poorly executed by the quarterback.

Ducks break 3 WR, TE, Rb with Masoli under center. Cowboys are in a 4-3. Unger pops out of the snap, and gets a good forceful block right. One concern scouts voiced about Unger is his transition to snapping under center, but I've yet to see evidence that this is a problem. He moves very well off the snap, shotgun or standard. Wide receiver Jamere Holland sweeps left for eight.

Ducks break 3 WR (right), WR (left), RB, shotgun. Cowboys in a 4-2 nickel. Unger and Oregon's two guards coordinate to bunch and cordon the Cowboys defensive tackles.


Masoli fakes a handoff keeps it, runs towards the right hole, but then improvises, cutting outside and up for 11.

-encroachment- Oklahoma State

Ducks: 2 WR (left), WR (right), RB (right), TE (left), shotgun. Cowboys in a 4-3. Oklahoma State had 13 sacks entering this game. Unger is single matched against Tonga Tea. He shades out, stabs at him with his right arm, but begins to lose Tea as Tea moves into the right "A" gap. Tea gets into Unger's body and the pocket begins to collapse through the middle. This is key: Tea never gets past Unger. We don't know if he would have gotten past Unger because Masoli goes Seneca Wallace: panics, rushes right, breaks the pocket, first limiting his receiving options, then killing the short window where his outlet receiver is open; Masoli concludes the scramble by nearly running into the arms of the Oklahoma State defensive end before fading and heaving a fall-away death spiral, nearly gift-wrapping an interception for safety Rick Price. So...not the best showing by Unger, but damn did Masoli pile on an otherwise small mistake.

Ducks: 2 WR (left), 2 WR (right), RB, shotgun. Cowboys in a 3-3. Unger snaps, dekes reach block and then pulls to the second level. Very smooth and very clean creating functional speed; Unger efficiently gets deep into the second level and targets linebacker Seb Clements. It's an inside screen to Terrence Scott that Masoli butchers with a wildly inaccurate jump pass. Unger and right tackle CE Kaiser pull. Unger engages, puts a good pop on, but is ultimately shed by the 230 pound Clements.

Ducks go for it on fourth and three.

Ducks: 2 WR (left), 1 WR (right), RB, shotgun.  Cowboys: 4-3. Unger pass blocks. Oregon's receivers run routes. Masoli runs a QB draw. He gets into the crease but cannot explode out. The crease sort of collapses around him, but, truthfully, either A) No one was fooled by the play call, or B) it wasn't supposed to be a QB draw and Masoli was wingin' it.

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