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My perception of time slowly changes as I get older. I remember how flummoxed I was as a child when my parents would talk about how years just flew by. Meanwhile, the second grade version of me had to wait a lifetime between lunch and recess. Clocks at Hutton Elementary must have been filled with molasses. As quickly as life moves now, the NFL Draft approaches at unfathomably slow speeds. I feel like the poor lackey in Austin Powers, waiting for the steam roller to get me.

Anyway, sat down with Don Carey for a brief little Q&A session.

Thompson: You're a person who has always made academic achievement a high priority. Where does that come from?

Carey: Growing up, my mother was extremely strict about school. A lot of times I would be grounded for bringing home a "C" unless I had to have a very good excuse. So school always comes first. Coming out of high school, I was accepted into Yale, but I didn't get a scholarship to play football, so I couldn't afford it.

Apparently Don Carey is quite sharp.That's clearly a point in his favor on a team that likes defensive quarterbacks.

Thompson:  While interacting with NFL scouts and coaches, how important has it been to them that you were a four-year starter?

Carey: Very important.  I think it helps me all that much more since I'm coming from a small school. It lets them know that maybe since I started there for four years that maybe I could have started at another level for at least couple years. I think it's just another positive in my book.

Sharp, self aware, and to complete the trifecta:

Thompson:  What's the most important thing for everyone to know about you as a person?

Carey: The level of dedication I'll bring to a team is unmatched. I'm always going to be the hardest worker, no matter where I am. I'm always trying to improve my situation, trying to be better than I was yesterday. So I don't think anyone would be more dedicated to the team than I will be.

Carey certainly talks the talk. Now we only have to wait about 3 weeks to see if he ends up a Seahawk. This draft is bearing down on us like an angry garden snail.

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