Early Word from Minicamp

Actual football activities! Players in uniform! A bunch of guys you've never heard of, most of whom will likely be cut! Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times got some quotes and put together an early look at position battles.

We should all, at this point, have a pretty good idea of which positions are essentially set and which are going to be areas of contention. Some position battles aren't going to keep you up at night:

The Seahawks still have two kickers on the roster, a couple of long-snappers — neither of whom has played a regular-season NFL game — and plenty of other spots where men will be trying to play their way onto the field.

The Defensive Line

The defensive end situation will be worth watching, if only to see if Patrick Kerney is completely healthy. The starting job at end should be roughly meaningless, as Kerney, Tapp, and Jackson will all end up playing. There are also rumors of Cory Redding playing at end. Gus Bradley does expect Jackson to work harder:

"One of the big things we've challenged Lawrence on is just his overall effort," said Gus Bradley, Seattle's new defensive coordinator. "Through this offseason — things that he's done — you're seeing it starting to show up here on the field."

The Offensive Line

The key to everything along the line, outside of the health of Walter Jones, will be Max Unger. Unger will be playing, but where he plays is apparently up for grabs.

When Seattle chose Max Unger in the second round of last weekend's draft, many thought that he might supplant Spencer at center. Unger played center his final two years at Oregon, but this minicamp he worked out at left guard with the second-unit offensive line, and that's where Unger will stay for now.

"It's really important for a young guy, you put him in a spot and let him get settled before you ask him to do other things," Mora said.

If Unger winds up at center, Chris Spencer is either a guard or out of a job. Rob Sims is healthy, Mike Wahle is old, and the team still has the assortment of Wrotto, Willis, Locklear, and maybe Walter Jones to figure out.

O'Neil makes mention of where guys are playing now, but remember that the team is hardly into football activities. With no shortage of positions to solidify, this will be a fun summer. Jamar Adams had better be ready.

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