Seahawks Wearing Green Alternate Uniforms, World Ends *Scruffy Survives Wearing New Jersey **Jersey Crushes Scruffy Under Its Fire-Breathing Smokestacks, Squalor and Corruption

As has been long feared and recently forewarned, our beloved Seahawks are going with a... *urrphgh* alternate jersey tomorrow against the Bears. Mega-tweeter Matthew Hasselbeck confirms the awful truth:

MatthewHass008 - @Nate81Burleson & Co. "Going Green" tomorrow #nfl #seahawks #bears (you saw it here first)


Seriously. Could there be anything worse? By a slim margin... yes. But this is truly an abhorrent development, from which hardcore fans and TV color balance settings may never recover.

God help us all.

*Scruffy's edit - *WORLDS BIGGEST FIST PUMP* 

Just what is this abomination exactly? At a glance, the Seahawks first official 3rd/alternate jersey looks like a combination home pant/road jersey (the original-new "road" jersey, technically) with the white replaced by neon motherfucking green:


Upon closer inspection, however, we see that the pants have been tweekered as well:


"Seahawks Navy" pantlegs (same color as the top stripe of the logo) with the lighter "Seahawks Blue" bordering the neon green stripe--the opposite of the standard home pants. Whatever. That green top is a waking nightmare. In a season featuring a host of "legacy" games commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the American Football League--right down to the officials' uniforms, no less--would this have been so terrible?


Of course not. That's the uniform we grew up with, screaming our brains out in the Dome for the old Blue, Silver and Green. Oh yeah...SILVER! Silver, as in the pants, the helmets, even the end zones on occasion. Green was an accent for chrissakes. Yeah, the Sounders FC are great, cross-promotion yada yada, I hate these like the plague.


Update: Prior to posting this I had not yet seen this Uni Watch post (scroll to the bottom) decrying as "the end of the world as we know it" Chris Berman's warning of these hideous togs. But obviously I concur wholeheartedly, and tip my BLUE Seahawks hat to you, good sirs.


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