Jake Locker, NFL prospect?!?

Am I the only one blown away by his performance against LSU?

I know the numbers weren't incredible, but they certainly seemed solid to me. 

25-45, 55%; 320 yards 2TD/1INT

Several of those incomplete passes seems more like great decisions to get the ball out and avoid trouble, something you just don't see from many college QB's.  In addition, his pocket presence was excellent, his touch much improved and he still has the speed to leg one out when needed.

I really feel he is a better NFL prospect today, right this minute, than Tim Tebow.  Of course he doesn't play for Florida so he doesn't have the "is this guy the next Brett Favre all the announcers love him intangibles" Tebow owns. 

I do admit I'm thankful for that...


I look at his coach and new system, with newfound touch and pocket presence, and I see a guy that will in a year, or two if he stays, be a better long term NFL option at QB than Colt McCoy or Timmy T. I ask you how many great (or even playable) pro QB's came out of Mack Strong's offense, or even Urban Meyer's?!?  Even their elite level guys have not panned out to date.  Maybe Sark is the key to resurrecting Quarterback U...

Admittedly with the third of the "Big Three" I do like Bradford a lot, but he's injured already and you can't help but to think that his smallish frame may not ever let him realize his full NFL potential.  He looks like injuries could be a long term issue for him, even if you see this one as a "freak event."


Thoughts, people???

Oh, one more note-- while a fan, I'm not a bleeding purple Husky grad putting this thought process together.  And before last night, I didn't feel nearly as confident in Locker.  I just think he was incredible; that it wasn't a highwater mark, but it was a show of things to come...

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