Jim Mora has finally killed my desire to have him succeed.

It's simple, Mora's entire career has been excuses and blaming and psuedo shoulder of limited blame for himself. The more he speaks, the more I understand why others possibly hated him early. Listening to the Pete Carroll conference, he was not handed a media that didn't scrutinize him. Mora escaped with..."Gee, he could've been better but Mike Vick sucked" He was excused for lack luster defenses throughout his career as not big picture enough to gauge him.


They excused him so much, I forgot that he had a four year career in Atlanta at the time. What takes the cake is, this same media that didn't pressure him into self examination is the same one that calls a virtually identical record by Pete Carroll lack luster. Already Pete Carroll has faced crittics in the media with the enthusiam and and acceptance that maybe HE didn't do great in his first two stints and was ill prepared to deal with the nfl, but it is this admission alone that has me believing that PC has something Holmgren and Mora never seemed to have at key times. The ability to shoulder blame themselves and to bare the burden of media scrutiny.

Remember how two-minute clock management was never Mike Holmgren's fault?

Or a clear lack of talent was Tim Ruskell's fault not Jim Mora's?

Yet Pete Carroll shouldered all of the blame for new york and much of the blame in New England, what he called, not knowing himself and therefore not having a consistent message and path to success and how to guide players there.

The Clip at the bottom kills me, because Mora still believes he was capable of doing this job, but the first step is being able to shoulder the blame when the team doesn't succeed, in that, also not playing a perpetual victim of circumstance.

Favorite quote in the clip:

Mora: "I've never failed at anything in my life."

Funny how a man used the words accountable and trust, but he didn't really ever hold himself accountable when it mattered. 

I'm done with Jim Mora, if for no other reason than because he can't seem to realize that he's a participant in his own success or failure.

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