Who are your top 5 current Seahawks players of the future?

God knows why (most likely extreme boredom at work) led me to click on a blog post of this approximate title within a recent Google Alert I received by email. It was from the Bleacher Report. I knew it was the Bleacher Report. Yeah, yeah. Spare me. 

I'm suddenly having a hard time finding the article (weird) but the author listed the following as his top 5: Josh Wilson, David Hawthorne, Justin Forsett, Nate Burleson and Olindo Mare.

I'll give a few of those the nod. A few are utterly baffling. So I thought I'd pose the question here!

Who are your top 5 Seahawks moving forward? Who will be the difference makers in the coming years? Think a few years ahead. Try not to bog down your thinking with contract lengths, offensive/defensive schemes or scheme changes, etc. Just gut feeling.  

Here are my top 5 (in order of perceive important/value): 

1. Brandon Mebane - Utterly dominant, young and healthy. I pray we pair him with someone of equal or greater talent and our D-line will be ridiculous. 
2. Aaron Curry - He flashed ability, but needs to dominate and become the new face of the franchise, defensively. Especially for the money we're paying him. Plus he's a DAMNED nice kid.
3. John Carlson - Man crush? Oh, God - definitely. I've got TWO of his sigs on my jersey. Talented as hell and will be a legitimate receiving and blocking threat.
4. Josh Wilson - Silenced a lot of his criticisms this year. He wasn't perfect, but is showing rapid growth. I can't wait to see him ball in a few years.
5. Max Unger - Within his first year, he moved from starting RG to starting Center. Looked comfortable and able after just a few games. He's intelligent, technically sound and hopefully will become the anchor of a new, young, dominant offensive line for years to come. 

Let's hear yours! And feel free to debate my picks!

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