USC recruiting 2002-2009 pt4 Tight Ends

Apologies for the delay on this, I was about to post it yesterday and then a power surge at work caused me to lose the entire post, that's what I get for doing things in notepad during a heavy wind storm.


Sr. Kori Dickerson

So. Alex Holmes

Fr. Gregg Guenther


2002 Dominique Byrd 6-3    230    4.5 4*
2002 LaJuan Ramsey 6-4    245    4.63 2*
2003 Chris Barrett 6-5    250    4.6 4*
2004 Dale Thompson 6-4    240    4.6 4*
2006 Anthony McCoy 6-4    240    4.6 4*
2006 Gerald Washington 6-6    253    4.6 3*
2007 Rhett Ellison 6-5    230    N/A 3*
2008 Blake Ayles 6-4    245    4.7 4*
2010 Xavier Grimble 6-6    245    4.7 4*
2010 Randall Telfer 6-4    220 4*


Kori Dickerson was the starter in 2001 and caught 25 passes for 334 before graduating. He was on 3 different NFL teams in 4 seasons before going to the CFL. Holmes was a 2 year starter and had 76 career receptions while at USC, he was briefly on two NFL rosters. Gregg Guenther was a part time football player and hoops player for 3 seasons before deciding to be a full time basketball player his senior year. I believe he was about 6'8" and had relatively poor hands, he made no one think of Tony Gonzalez or Antonio Gates. Byrd had 80 career catches in 3 seasons at USC, and was the 93rd overall pick of the 2006 draft by the Rams. LaJuan Ramsey played defensive tackle his whole USC career and briefly in the NFL. Barrett was hurt his freshman year, redshirted his sophomore year, switch to defensive end, then back to tight end then back to defensive end before settling at defensive end. Dale Thompson was the #2 TE in the country coming out of HS but was regarded more for his blocking while at USC than anything else. McCoy was a backup his first two years at USC, became a starter as a junior, and broke out as a Senior against Notre Dame before missing a portion of the season to injury. He was originally more of a blocker and worked his way to becoming a dual threat at TE. Rhett Ellison has mostly been a blocker and special teams guy, and has played some FB. Blake Ayles was supposed to be the next big thing at TE for USC but has yet to break out. With McCoy graduating he will likely be the starter next year. Randall Telfer was considered one of the key early recruits to the incoming USC class.


Probably the most obvious thing here on first glance is the similar size and speed profile of all the guys.6'4", 240lbs and a 4.6 40 in High School. As evidenced by all the 4*'s most of these guys were either the #1 or #2 TE in the country, obviously not all of them worked out at TE but the only one with a really disappointing career was probably Dale Thompson. The other interesting thing is how many of these guys made it to the NFL, despite none of them ever catching on and becoming stars or even really regulars. I think a lot of that though might be due to the more or less prototypical size profile and the fact that they played at USC during a high visibility period for the program. Still as I'll note below with numbers, the TE was an important part of the USC pass offense during Pete Carroll's tenure at USC.

How this applies to the current roster/draft prospects

I think if there is one guy on the offensive side of the ball who should be excited it is John Carlson. Carlson while probably slower than most of the TEs Pete is used to, still largely fits his overall profile. All Carlson needs to do to get excited is go watch the 2009 USC game versus his Alma Mater to see how Jeremy Bates is capable of utilizing a TE offensively, personally I felt that the loss of McCoy after this game was one of the things that contributed to the Trojans dysfunctional offense during the middle portion of the season. While I expect to see plenty of two TE sets out of the Seahawks next season I don't think the identity of the second TE matters much provided they are a capable blocker. Not knowing their contract statuses I have to think that either Owens or Morrah would be fine for this role. Either way not a position that I expect Coach Pete to address heavily.



Name Catches Yards TDs
Dickerson 25 334 2
Holmes 22 162 2

Holmes 29 320 2
Guenther 7 39 1

Byrd 14 268 1
Guenther 17 167 2

Byrd 37 384 3
Holmes 24 244 0
Davis 4 30 0

Byrd 29 306 7
Davis 13 145 2

Davis 38 352 3
Thompson 3 19

Davis 62 881 8
McCoy 2 18 1
Thompson 1 9 0

McCoy 22 256 1
Ellison 4 58 0
Ayles 6 41 1

McCoy 22 457 1
Ayles 7 87 0
Ellison 6 41 1

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