Nicknames for the 'Hawks

In the spirit of aerial combat squadrons, cinematic soldiers, and 1980's B-Boy cliques...I feel that we need to create some hard-and-fast call signs for our favorite Pacific Northwest roaming death bringers. 

We already have a tremendous amount of ground work done (Tats, Pistol, Bane), but I feel that we could expand this to include many of our current favorite players. To receive a nickname is either an honor or a disgrace. For instance; Lofa is named "Tats", because he is not only a phenomenal player with high levels of defensive acumen, but fairly bodacious in his inky attributes. Colin Cole on the other hand is not so fantastical, therefore we named him Dreadlock'd Teddy Bear or something. Kerney was a great player, but he is not really a Seahawk, so he doesn't get one.

Now, this will require discussion and insight. We will need to delve into the psyche of the players to find the name which fits them most accurately, and to toss away the chaff: the players which do not yet deserve call signs -- let's begin...

Some names have already been established, and a few players have multiple names. I'll list the few I know, and I need the community to fill in the blanks, or to create new names. We'll vote by Rec'ing names we like, or players who deserve them. 


Lofa Tatupu (ILB #51) -- Tats

Josh Wilson (CB #26) -- Pistol

Nick Reed (DE #98) -- The Reaver

Brandon Mebane (DT #92) -- Bane, Me!Bane!

Lawrence Jackson (DE #95) -- LoJack

Marcus Trufant (CB #23) -- Tru

Colin Cole (DT #90) -- Teddy Bear(?)

John Carlson (TE #89)-- White Jesus

Justin Forsett (HB #20) -- Force

Owen Schmitt (FB #35) -- Runaway Beer Truck, Trauma

Matt Hasselbeck (QB #8) -- Matt, Immanuel Kant

Walter Jones (LT #71) -- Big Walt, Junior

David Hawthorne (ILB #57) -- Heater, Pretty-Boy-Seeking-Missile (PBSM), Sea King

Jordan Babineaux (FS #27) -- Big Play Babs

Aaron Curry (OLB #59) -- The Enforcer

Leroy Hill (OLB #56) -- 

Darryl Tapp (DE #55) -- Double

Nate Burleson (WR #81) -- Burly

Touraj Jeje Houshmandzadeh (WR #84) -- Housh, The Taskmaster

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