5 key contracts that decide the direction of the Seahawks.

I'd like to play a game. The rules are simple, this isn't rosterbation because I am not deciding to imagine who could come in to improve talent. Here's how this works. The current contracts must be up at the end of the year or have a significant cap number coming next year. Two examples on my coming list are Chris Spencer and Marcus Trufant

Here's the key five deals that will decide how the Seahawks move forward.


1. Chris Spencer- Re-sign him. I have been no defender or excuse maker of Chris, in fact I have a post from earlier this year after seeing the game against the chargers in which I said I would just move on. This has nothing to do with any other line mates improvement or his own hall of fame play. Chris has as the year has gone on, shown the ability to start plays correctly and finish them strong a majority of the time and he's done this in the complexity of the ZBS and he's kept the middle clean of pressure so well that I think his career is just about ready to see it's breakthrough to some probowl recognition. 

2. Marcus Trufant- cut or renegotiate. Marcus is a good corner, he's been great only really once and that was with significant holes in his game. He makes too much money for his limitations and a pass defense that would benefit from a corner that can wrestle with the best in press coverage needs cash to go pick that up either in the draft or in free agency.

3. Collin Cole- cut him. Seattle needs help across the defensive line and Collin Cole's skills though of some solid value he carries two things that concern me, age and high cap number for a rebuilding team.

4. Mike Williams- Re-sign him. He's got age and established value in the offensive system Bates would like to run. It takes away one need from the draft.

5. Brandon Mebane- Re-sign him. Brandon Mebane isn't a flashy player with 5 star athletic skills, but what he does do well has definite value. The concern is that since what he does is based on a very limited set of tools that a decline might be rapid. It's a risk at this point that could be okay as you improve the talent around him. 

So there you have it. My top 5 contracts that show the Seahawks future. I know many of you that will think about responding will have one name I purposely omitted. So tell me fans, what do you think?

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