What this Seahawks fan will root for on Sunday. (Until 5:20 PST)

As we roll towards one of the most conflicting and divisive games of the past few years on Sunday night, there has been a far less divisive topic that's yet to be discussed. In the 15 games before Sunday Night Football, what do we root for. Here's my itinerary:

10:00 AM (PST)

1. Detroit to top Minnesota, while Joe Webb puts on a show. - Why? Mostly for the potential gain in draft position, it would also be nice if Joe Webb gives the FO in Minnesota just enough of a tease to roll the dice on him in the following year.

2. Cleveland to upset Pittsburgh - Why? A) Yes, I still hate Pittsburgh. B) If Colt McCoy could continue his success against a division rival with a good pass defense it may solidify his place as the starting QB and this would make one less QB-hungry team in front of us of Seattle wins, or one less QB-hungry team trying to trade up in front of us of Seattle loses.

3. Carson Palmer to continue his late-season heroics against the Ravens - There's not much to be gained here, but Palmer solidifying his place as the Bengals starting QB can't hurt.

4. Jason Campbell to lead the charge against the Chiefs -  No direct gain here for Seattle, but Al Davis is a proud man and if it even looks like Campbell has hope to succeed at quarterback for the Raiders, there's a chance he'll get another shot in 2011.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick to not run out of gas against the Jets - There's nothing much to directly gain from Buffalo winning, but if Fitzpatrick could continue to play above his head maybe it can convince the Bills that an upgrade at QB isn't as important as another running back (Hey, Buffalo... that Mark Ingram kid one a Heisman.)

6. Chad Henne to wise up against the Patriots - Henne has looked pretty good at times, he just has to prove to his front office that he can avoid some of the bad decisions that have lead to picks this year. Again, not much for Seattle to gain directly, but a good performance to dissuade the Dolphins from trying to upgrade can't hurt.

7. Jimmy Clausen to break out, not break down against the Falcons - It would take a herculean effort to wash away his 2010 efforts. Here's to hoping, and good luck Jimmy. Nothing to really gain here.

8. The Saints to beat the Bucs in New Orleans - Please dear god give me some good football to watch. While the other early games all have some sort of rooting interest (some more than others) none really stand out to be a good match-up. Hopefully this will be the treat it looks like on paper.

1:15 PM (PST)

1. The Texans to top Jacksonville in Houston - This would allow the Seahawks to leap-frog the the Texans in case of a loss on Sunday night. It also appears to be the likely outcome with Trent Edwards taking the helm for the Jags, while Maurice Jones-Drew also appears to be out. That's one way to slow down an offense, Houston.

2. Dallas to defeat Philadelphia's second string - A win would tie us with the Cowboys and presumably allow us to pick in front of them pending a Seattle loss. A win also seems a lot more possible now that Philadelphia is locked into the third seed in the NFC. There's not much else to gain here as both teams are very unlikely to need a quarterback. 

3.  Rex Grossman to tear the non-exsistant roof off of FedEx field. - I think no matter what Grossman does on Sunday, it's not going to stop Washington from looking elsewhere for it's next quarterback. However, a Washington win would allow Seattle to pass them on the draft board out right, which would help our 2nd and subsequent round picks pending a Seattle loss, while a Giants loss would also help in the strength of schedule department.

4. The Chargers to destroy Denver - I'll be honest, I'll probably take this game off. The Chargers don't need much help to rip through the Broncos. However, a Denver loss tied with Bengals and Bills wins improves that pick we will receive from New England for Branch.

5. San Francisco to edge out Arizona - If I'm not mistaken Arizona had to play the Vikings and Cowboys, while San Fransisco had to play the Packers and Eagles. Which would lead me to believe that San Francisco would have the more difficult schedule of the two and we would rather be tied with them than Arizona. The biggest thing is to hope for no ties, and that Skelton and Smith each throw for about 300 yards and 3 scores in the contest.

6. Green Bay to beat da Bears - The only thing the Seahawks can gain from this match-up is respective strength of schedule with the 49ers, a Chicago loss combined with a Green Bay win would help swing (or keep) Strength of Schedule in our favor.

7. Tennessee and Indianapolis - I don't think there's anything for Seattle to gain here. The Titans know Collins is probably done, and the Vince Young situation is as murky as ever so there's no specific performance to root for. I guess if anything a Titans win would help Seattle pass them in the draft outright which could help picks in subsequent rounds after the first.

5:20 PM - Prime Time.

Seattle at home against the Rams - I don't know what to root for. I won't know until I'm watching the game and have to react to whatever transpires. I look forward to it, honestly. Part of me hopes that I'm tuckered out by the other games before hand that whatever my reaction is it isn't all to violent. The things I plan on cheering for before the game provide the softest landing for a Seahawks loss, and even a little bit of best-case scenario if the Seahawks do manage to win on Sunday. All I know is I'm going to be doing a lot of rooting on Sunday, and most of it doesn't involve the one game that is splitting the 12th Man right down the middle.

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