Draft Day What If

I am sorry for posting another draft, what if, but I am extremely curious what everyone thinks of this. What if Seattle traded their 14th pick to the Chargers for the Chargers first, second, and third round picks? My reasoning for this might not be enough to make any one a believer, but what the hell, it's the draft, which is full of possibilities. Here are my reasons, take from the what you want:

Why San Diego Would Want our Pick:

In the last week and a half or so, San Diego has released both of their backs, L.T. and Sproles. While there is a chance Sproles could be back, L.T. will not and Sproles is not an every down back. San Diego will be in the market for a running back, that is for sure, and since most running backs in free agent are either over the hill, or at the tail end of their peaks, the best place to find a running back is in the Draft.

In the 2010 NFL Draft, most "experts" believe C.J. Spiller is the best back in the draft. In fact, he might be the only one to go in the first round. He was explosive, deceptive, and fast in college. Obviously the NFL is a different beast, but he still is coveted. Most mock drafts have him going either to Seattle or right around Seattle's 14th pick. What if San Diego wants Spiller? I am sure they do, but how much?

Why Seattle Would Want to trade the Pick:

Simply for more picks. Let's be honest, if we can get three potential picks for one, all in the top half of the draft, it is something you should consider. Who would we really take at 14? Bryan Bulaga? C.J. Spiller? Couldn't we get players like them later in the draft, who might even fit our system better. I believe their is a great chance that we could get Charles Brown with the 28th pick in the draft. We could nab someone like Best or Matthews in the second round or Joe McKnight with our third. Who knows? But, say the opportunity were to arise, wouldn't it better to maximize our picks and grab someone like Spiller or Bulaga later in the draft?

How did I come up with the terms of the trade:

I used the Draft Pick Value Chart, which tells the hypothetical value of all of the picks in the draft. For example, the 14th pick has a value of 1,100 points, while the 6th pick has a value of 1,600. The first pick has a value of 3,000. If we called the Rams and told them we would trade them the 14th and 6th overall picks in the draft for the first one, we would, hypothetically, be getting a better deal than the Rams. I believe it is all subjective, though. If there is a top-heavy draft, the picks higher in the draft are worth a lot, while the lower picks are worth a significantly less. This draft though is supposedly full of talent, even in the later rounds. Anyways, the value of the 28th pick is listed at 660, while the Chargers 2nd and 3rd round picks are listed at 300 and 132 points, respectively. That adds up to 1,092, which is 8 points of the value of the 14th overall pick. But, since this draft is supposedly deep, it could be a great deal for Seattle, if the opportunity were to ever present itself.

So, even if this never happens, even if it does happen, but with a different team, it is always interesting to look at potential prospects relating to the draft. What does everyone think? As a fan, would you like to see the Seahawks make the trade or keep the 14th if the situation presents itself? It's an interesting thought for a team with lots of holes at keep positions

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