Another 2nd Tier QB thread

After the release of Deon Grant I am thrown for a loop and think 6, 14, and 40 will not include QB.

Carroll and co. probably assume that Bradford and Clausen will not be available by the time we get to pick. Which leaves Tebow as the only other first tier Quarter Backs available in the draft. I consider Tebow to be a first tier QB because someone will take a chance on him, even if it is as some sort of role player. I think the questions surrounding McCoy's injury and size keep him out of this 1st tier contention. If the blogs are to accurate Le Feverour and McCoy go I think it would be somewhere in the 3rd round where he could be an investment or career back up, which means most likely he would not go to us.

Assuming we get Whitehurst or some other stop gap measure is there a diamond in the rough that we can groom? Assuming Matt is sitting next year and his bitterness about it doesn't become a locker room cancer who can he mentor?

I know it is a lot of speculation involved in the scenario above but

What do we know about the 2nd tier quarterbacks? All I have found is that they are not ready to start and their size. I am intrigued by Snead because he is young and won't go until very late, if at all, but he is young and maybe the most groomable. I am curious about Crompton, who improved a lot last year on a Tennessee team that was not very good, he wasn't great by any means but showed that he was coachable, he has a good arm and is the ideal size.


I think the wild card is John Skelton from Fordham, I found this write up on him from the National Football Post (are they any good?)


Skelton is a tall, strong-armed quarterback prospect who showcases the ability to spin the ball downfield and make all the throws needed at the next level. He gets the ball out of his hands quickly and showcases good zip when asked to throw outside the numbers. He generates some natural power from his lower half on his throws and can drive the ball downfield when exploding off his back foot. He needs to clean up his footwork a bit. Skelton looks balanced in his drop but has a tendency to rush his footwork into throws in the face of pressure and can get spotty with his accuracy. But he showcases good overall balance for his size and has the ability to move around the pocket, keep his eyes downfield, set his feet and stride into throws. He displays good touch downfield on his deep ball and does a nice job allowing receivers to run under his passes. But he needs to do a better job underneath.

Skelton doesn't throw the most catchable ball in the short passing game and needs to learn to take a little velocity off his short ball. He showcases the mental ability to manipulate defenses but always has his first or second read in mind. He can decipher the defense but hasn't been asked to find his second/third read on a consistent basis. Overall, he's one of the more intriguing quarterback prospects in this year's draft and has a lot of upside to his game. He will need time to develop, but the skill set and intelligence are there.

Grade: 6.1

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