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This is complete, unfounded speculation, but, I think, well rationalized.  This is what I think they are doing, and will do.  I don't endorse it.  I am substantially disappointed by it.  This has been a surreal evening for me, and just feel compelled to put it in words.

What do I think Carroll and Schneider are doing, in trading Tapp?

Liquifying capital to facililtate the Whitehurst trade, should it materialize.  That's an easy dot to connect, and has already been done.  But what will we be doing with the hole Tapp leaves?

Curry will be moved up.  Which is a net detriment to this season, but a net upgrade at the position.  And it doesn't mitigate the net downgrade of the roster.

To fill the Curry hole?  Matt McCoy's been signed.  David Hawthorne is a good tackler.  And Chris Clemons is 240 pounds, linebacker size.  Linebacker is certainly easier to replace, and had a lower impact, than DE or QB.  It was another easy dot to connect, and also already made.  But the McCoy signing supports it.  

So what of that QB?  Don't ask me; wait for John to give an assessment after it happens.  And I believe it is going to.

Here's where my speculation gets thinner.  Implications on the draft.  Previously I didn't think Whitehurst pursuit had any substantiated implications on QB prospects for us in the draft.  I do, now.  

I think the view is Hasselbeck provides the best chance at success for this year.  And he's not being moved.  And unlikely to be usurped.  Clausen's seeming pro-readiness wouldn't change this.  The implications on the draft really is in the form of the "win now" concept.  

Now, it may be hard to consider after trading Tapp for what we received, but I think the mentality is not simply win now, it's improving for this year as much as possible without significantly impairing the longer-term strength of the franchise.  

If you would counter that trading Tapp for what we received runs counter to that goal, I would agree with you.  But I still think that is what is being attempted here.  Leiweke said 2-year plan, and the consensus of the fanbase is Hasselbeck can still play.  Turning things around in the short-term, winning hearts, while still building some kind of core for the team moving forward wins political capital.  Acquiring an expected franchise QB heir also wins capital, job security -- but it's temporal.  Winning or losing this year can complicate the capital and security that Clausen, Tebow or McCoy could bring this year, if the opportunity even arose for them to bring anything in this regard.  And further, Hasselbeck not lasting the season does not cost nearly any capital or security at all.  There is the open question of why a QB was not acquired, but 1) that question would have already been answered by grabbing Whitehurst and 2) would subsequently be alleviated by drafting a QB next year.  

I will connect no dots to Jake Locker.  But assuming the above is accurate, I will speculate, it enables the process of elimination.  at 6th overall.  Tackle or a safety, or, unlikely, a DT should one fall.  Ultimately I think the pursuit of Brandon Marshall is unrelated.  I simply think we'll be going after him.  But with some restraint.  

And ultimately I think the net impact to the team, with Tapp's absence, will be much less than I initially thought.  Because of the upgrade with Curry and the lesser impact of Curry's prior position.  This justifies nothing, mind.  Process still bad, return still poor.  I just think this is what's going on.  Thanks for letting me get this out.

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