Recapping the offseason moves to date in the NFC West

Not just looking at the Hawks, but comparing moves by our division rivals helps put things into perspective for me.  And I'm less concerned about how much we're paying specific players than I am whether we're accumulating talent or bleeding talent.


Additions:  Joey Porter-OLB, Derek Anderson-QB, Kerry Rhodes-S, Rex Hadnot-OG, Paris Lenon-OLB

Subtractions:  Kurt Warner-QB, Anquan Boldin-WR, Karlos Dansby-OLB, Antrel Rolle-S, Jerheme Urban-WR

Draft Picks:  2010:  -4th, +3rd, +4th (net +3rd)       2011: -5th, -7th

Summary:  QB is a downgrade, not by choice but certainly predictable.  There seems to be some symmetry replacing key losses with additions that, while not necessarily equal, fill holes with capable talent.  The exception is WR, although it can be argued that the remaining talent on the team is more than adequate.  Aside from QB, my personal opinion is they have managed to tread water, not getting better, but also not getting significantly worse.  Gain of 3rd rounder while only giving up the 5th and 7th in 2011 is a big bonus.



Additions:  Karl Paymah-CB, David Carr-QB

Subtractons:  Shaun Hill-QB, Arnaz Battle-WR, Tony Pashos-OT

Draft Picks:  2010:  None    2011:  +7th

Summary:  Not much activity.  Paymah was untendered RFA.  Carr is probably an upgrade over Hill as backup QB.  The loss of Pashos will need to be dealt with, probably through the draft.  Battle was superfluous.  In total, I'd say once again treading water.



Additions:  AJ Feeley-QB, Derek Fine-TE, Fred Robbins-DT, Hank Fraley-C,

Subtractions:  Paris Lenon-OLB, Jonathan Wade-CB

Draft Picks:  None

Summary:  Signficantly, no draft picks sacrificed.  Vet Feeley will provide cheap insurance for rookie QB (Bradford?).  Robbins provides rotational depth for D-line.  Fine is young, but unspectacular and may not even make the final roster.  Fraley is penciled in as backup center, but interior depth at minimum and may win a starting job.  Wade was nickel corner at best, so no great loss.  While not signifiant, I think the Rams have moved in a positive direction and without sacrificing a single draft pick. 



Additions:  Charlie Whitehurst-QB, Quinton Ganther-RB, Matt McCoy-OLB, Chris Clemons-DE, Chris Baker-TE

Subtractions:  Daryl Tapp-DE, Seneca Wallace-QB, Deon Grant-S, Nate Burleson-WR, Lance Laury-OLB

Draft Picks:  2010: -20 spots in 2nd (= -3rd), + 4th    2011:  -3rd, +7th


Summary:  Very active.  Whitehurst has potential while Wallace had experience.  Baker is a second recieving TE to pair with Carlson.  The other additions may not factor outside of special teams. Tapp is entering his prime and flashed in 2009.  Grant was average at best, but filled a starting role.  Burleson is really a #2 WR but had his best season in 2009 and may be missed.  In total Seattle lost the equvalent of a 3rd in 2010 and gained a 7th in 2011, but actually gained a pick in 2010, now having 8 vs. 7.  Unlike the Cardinals, I see little symmetry.    New holes exist at S, WR and probably DE that need filling.  Given the loss of draft value, this is disconcerting.  I think an objective analysis would have to conclude that unless Whitehurst is the next coming of Matt Schaub, Seattle is bleeding both talent and draft value and losing the off-season battle as of this writing.

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