Pete Prisco continues his shock and awe campaign...

Pure jawdropper "grades."  I know, I know.  Grades are worthless today from a rational perspective, but there's that whole need to be rated that we have.  If there is, and probably, you can be damn certain we want our drafts rated...  just not by Pete Prisco.

Okay, here's the link. .  But, for pure convenience, let's just summarize a couple things.

First, we can all agree that even if we weren't Hawk fans, we would probably have to agree the Hawks had a pretty damn good draft.  When fans of other teams (primarily disenchanted bronco fans) are commenting to me on my facebook page that we had a good draft, that's a great sign.   When you go to cbssportsline, or and find the Hawks draft as a feature article, you know you had a great draft.  Kiper, Rob Rang, Mike Maycock, even Jim Mora Jr. all raved about Seattle's draft.

Fortunately, there are other journalists out there who don't provide such a pro-Seahawk slanted media bias.  While he didn't skewer us, he gave us a B+ as he simply wasn't impressed.

Now I'm not gonna lie.  I'm a little disappointed in SF having what I thought was a great draft.  Two power linemen and a 2nd round value pickup of Taylor Mays?  Not too shabby.  

Just not in Prisco's eyes.  He gave them a B.

I would like to report, however, that Prisco was very impressed with Arizona's draft.

Shocking, I know.  Now, now, let's not rush to judgement.  He didn't actually put them above the Hawks.  But, in classic Prisco fashion, he placed Arizona's draft as a B+ as well.  

San Fran's Draft < Arizona's Draft

Arizona's Draft = Seahawks Draft.

I know, this stuff doesn't matter a bit, and to be honest I thought Arizona did okay as well.  Not great, certainly not equal to the Hawks, but quite good.  It's simply funny to see when one of the "professionals" shows his bias so blatantly that it would embarrass me if I was cutting his paychecks.

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