A Way Too Early Back of the Envelope Roster Analysis

It's too soon for roster predictions. This is a snapshot of the Seahawks player personnel as of today, with my best guesses on depth. Corrections and opinions encouraged.

For this purpose, Bubble is a wide conceptual space between Lock (~100% to make the team) and Longshot (long odds of making it).

Updated to reflect roster moves on 4/28.

Last season: 3
Currently: 3
Lock: Matt HasselbeckCharlie Whitehurst
Clipboard: Mike Teel
Camp body: -

Presumably someone will be brought in to take snaps in camp...right? That they haven't yet may indicate that Carroll doesn't want Whitehurst looking over his shoulder. 

Running Back
Last season: 5
Currently: 8
Lock: LenDale WhiteLeon Washington, Owen Schmitt
Bubble: Justin Forsett, Julius Jones
Longshot: Quinton GantherLouis Rankin, Ryan Powdrell

Writing is on the wall for Jones. Loving LenDale as a Hawk and really hope Washington can come back strong from an ugly injury. Justin Griffith is listed on the Seahawks roster but remains unsigned, so far as I can determine. Powdrell is the only other fullback on the roster. LenDale looks like a fullback, maybe we could roll with three backs and Schmitt?

Wide Receiver
Last season: 5
Currently: 14
Lock: T.J. HoushmandzadehGolden Tate
One or the other: Deon ButlerDeion Branch
Bubble: Sean MoreyBen Obomanu, Ruvell MartinJameson KonzMike Williams, Reggie Williams
Longshot: Mike HassPatrick Carter, Michael JonesQuintin Hancock

Got to figure they keep six, because look at all those guys. Butler and Branch can't both make the roster. Morey might be close to a lock. I like Mike ahead of Reggie, and Konz ahead of both. Competition! 

Tight End
Last season: 3
Currently: 6
Lock: John CarlsonChris Baker
Bubble: Anthony McCoyCameron Morrah 
Longshot: Patrick DevenneyJason Pociask

We're slightly loaded at this position! No pot jokes, they offend Carlson.

Offensive Line
Last season: 9
Currently: 15
Lock: Russell Okung, Ben Hamilton, Chris Spencer, Max UngerSean LocklearRay Willis
Bubble: Steve VallosMansfield Wrotto, Mike Gibson
Longshot: Jeff ByersMitch EricksonKyle BurkhartAdrian MartinezJacob Phillips
Retiring: Walter Jones

Look at that. We really got Okung. Hello, decent O-line.

Defensive Line
Last season: 11
Currently: 14
Lock: Lawrence Jackson, Colin ColeBrandon Mebane 
Bubble: Red BryantChris ClemonsKevin VickersonE.J. Wilson, Nick Reed, Craig TerrillDexter DavisRobert Henderson
Longshot: Ricky FoleyDeMarcus GrangerRob Rose

3-4, stand-up end, who the hell knows.

Last season: 6
Currently: 9
Lock: Aaron CurryLofa TatupuDavid Hawthorne, Will Herring
Bubble: Leroy Hill, Matt McCoy
Longshot: Anthony HeygoodKevin DixonJoe Pawelek

Much depends on whether Hill gets a long suspension or worse.

Last season: 4
Currently: 8
Lock: Marcus Trufant, Josh Wilson
Bubble: Kelly JenningsWalter Thurmond III
Longshot: Roy Lewis, Marcus BrownJosh PinkardKennard Cox

Here's to your health, Mr. Thurmond.

Last season: 4
Currently: 7
Lock: Earl Thomas, Jordan Babineaux
Bubble: Kam Chancellor, Jamar Adams
Longshot: Will HarrisJames Brindley, Quinton Teal

It is assumed Lawyer Milloy will re-sign to compete for a backup spot.

Last season: 3
Currently: 4  
Lock: Olindo Mare*, Jon Ryan
Bubble: LS Patrick MacDonald, LS Matt Overton

Bu-bye, Malone! We hardly knew ye.

*franchise tag

Total: 88

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