Sando talks Value Chart

For what it's worth, I'm not a huge value chart supporter.  Big shocker there, if you've been following my joyous conversations with another verbose conversationalist on other boards.  I believe that picks have value, I believe that players have value, I believe a can of Sprite has value.  I just don't agree with the values given based on the chart at hand.


At any rate, here's what Sando had to say about the Seattle Seahawks trades and how they work out to the value chart.  I thought it might be another fun way to determine if we think we made good trades during and before the draft.


Per Sando:

Seattle Seahawks

Jets trade: The Seahawks sent the 139th pick (36.5 points) to the Jets for the 236th pick (1.8 points) and running back Leon Washington.

Washington's value was 34.7 points, or about what the 143rd overall choice would be worth (the Jaguars used the 143rd choice for Central Arkansas linebacker Larry Hart).

The Jets used the 139th choice for Kentucky fullback John Conner. The Seahawks used the 236th pick for Arizona State defensive lineman Dexter Davis.

Titans trade: The Seahawks sent the 104th (86 points) and 176th (22 points) to Tennessee for the 111th (72 points) and 185th (18.4 points) picks, plus running back LenDale White and defensive lineman Kevin Vickerson.

The deal valued White and Vickerson at a combined 17.6 points, equivalent of the 187th overall choice, which Houston used for Colorado state guard Shelley Smith.

The Titans used the 104th pick for UCLA cornerback Alterraun Verner. They used the 176th choice for Florida Atlantic quarterback Rusty Smith. Seattle used the 111th choice for Oregon cornerback Walter Thurmond and the 185th choice for USC tight end Anthony McCoy.

Pre-draft trades: The Seahawks made three of them involving 2010 selections. They sent guard Rob Sims and the 213th choice (7.2 points) to the Lions for defensive end Robert Henderson and the 133rd overall choice (39.5 points). They traded the 40th pick (500 points) to San Diego for the 60th pick (300 points), quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and a 2011 third-round choice (worth an estimated 70 points). They also traded defensive end Darryl Tapp to Philadelphia for the 127th pick (45 points) and defensive end Chris Clemons.

The Seahawks used the 133rd choice, from Detroit, for Virginia Tech safety Kam Chancellor. The Lions used the 213th choice for North Carolina State defensive end Willie Young. The Chargers used the 40th pick to move up for Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews. The Seahawks used the 60th pick for Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate. They used the 127th pick for North Carolina defensive end E.J. Wilson.

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