Schneider KJR interview on T.O., pass rush, RB situation

John Schneider was interviewed on 950-KJR (direct link). There's two good summaries out there (thanks Sando) well worth the read if you lack the time to listen to the full thing. From Seahawks Insider:

* Schneider said the team will continue to wait on the league and the completion of the legal process with linebacker Leroy Hill. The team has asked Hill to stay away from the facility until he resolves his legal issues. And while the team is keeping an open mind, Schneider did not rule out the possibility that Hill would not be with the team this season. Schneider said he hopes to hear from the league on Hill’s legal issues in the next, couple weeks.

* Schneider did not close the book on the team pursuing veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens, but he did say that the team probably would not move in that direction unless "something drastic happens."


Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider acknowledged that, despite their widely-praised 2010 NFL Draft, the team is still looking for ways to upgrade the roster, particularly at the team's "Leo" pass-rusher position.

"That’s definitely a concern for us, there’s no question," Schneider said. "We’re going to be active (scouring the wire). Right now, we’re excited about some young guys. We’re excited about (Chris) Clemons, he’s doing some real nice stuff. The guy we got from Philadelphia. (2010 seventh-round pick) Dexter Davis has some pass-rush ability. Ricky Foley, who we signed from the CFL, is a good special teams player and a very active pass-rusher.

"But, it’s definitely an area, I think if you talk to 9 out of 10 teams in the league, they’d say they’re looking for a pass-rusher, too, so we will continue," said Schneider. "We hold the sixth spot in the claim order right now. We’ll continue to talk to other teams about possible trades, and try to work that wire and to continue to upgrade this team, not only at the pass-rush position, the 'Leo' position, I guess, for us, but at every position."


"The first part of it would be more along the lines of competition, than clutter. All runners are, much like receivers, very unique," Schneider. "We feel like we have five unique runners. You know, we signed (Quinton) Ganther, as well, so you have to include him in that mix. He’s a heck of a special teams player. But, with Justin (Forsett), Leon (Washington), LenDale (White), Julius (Jones)—they’re all somewhat different runners."

When reminded that he couldn't keep them all, Schneider wasn't so sure that he couldn't.

"No, you can’t keep ‘em all—well, you never know. I mean, you could keep one fullback," said Schneider. "There’s several ways to do it. Ganther has the ability to play fullback, as well, too, so it’ll be interesting to see the way this pops out."

Schneider said that Leon Washington is a candidate for the Physically-Unable-to-Perform list, but that they are still several weeks away from having to make any determination on that.

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