Seahawks First Offensive Series (Featuring Nails Okung)

Seattle signed Ben Hamilton to tutor Russell Okung. Maybe Hamilton can now share how to avoid getting beat so bad by Cullen Jenkins that you stumble and sprain your teammates' ankle.

My laptop broke this morning. Or sometime overnight. It's broken - blue screen of death and everything.

I am working on our backup computer and it's a mostly broken, displays in shades of pink, loud as a vacuum cleaner, hand-assembled POS that struggles to run Word and the internet at the same time.

Seahawks fans welcome Mansfield Wrotto.  Wrotto, like this computer, with its Goodwill "No Exchange" sticker on the monitor, is a stop gap and just barely that. But we like Wrotto, because we've stuck with Wrotto for a while and though he's gathered dust, he's what we have and what we have is all we have for now.

This is almost certainly my only post for today, as I fear if this computer runs more than 60 minutes continuously, it will burst into white hot flames and boil my cat in his own fluffy fur.

Get well soon, Russell Okung.

Seattle didn't face anything like a starting defense. Green Bay sat three of their four starters at linebacker and three of their four starters at defensive back. Matt Hasselbeck had a good game against the Packers mixed second string unit, but then so did Wrotto. We should b e happy, but within perspective. It's good to see Hasselbeck execute but he executed against a softer, less complex and less attacking defense than he's ever likely to face in the regular season.

Let's take care of this opening drive before I need to go find my fire extinguisher. It's funny because I'm boned.

1-10-SEA 15 (14:55) 20-J.Forsett up the middle to SEA 16 for 1 yard (54-B.Chillar, 42-M.Burnett).

Okung's injury occurred right away - less than a second into the first play. Ben Hamilton was attempting to block Cullen Jenkins, tripped and fell on Okung's ankle. If watching an injury happen could foster hope, watching this injury does. The incident looks minor and Okung is able to pick himself up and finish the play. Hamilton's missed block seals Justin Forsett's fate, as he is forced to evade Jenkins in the backfield and then left to smash into an already closed hole after he does.

2-9-SEA 16 (14:28) 20-J.Forsett right tackle to SEA 18 for 2 yards (77-C.Jenkins).

Okung resumes left tackle, and, after the snap, pulls hard right and throws a good looking cut block. The offensive line generates good push on an inside zone right, and the play is very close to busting big. We're squeezing the good out of the bad, today. Good out of bad. Good out of bad. Until only bad remains.

3-7-SEA 18 (13:47) (Shotgun) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete short left to 83-D.Branch.

Seattle employs six blockers. Okung shadows and stalls his opponent. Hasselbeck reads right then left and finds Brnach coming back a mile for the ball. The pass isn't perfect, but Branch should catch it, and despite his gesticulating that interference took place, this goes down in the record books as a simple drop.

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