Where the Seahawks Roster Came From

I'll be honest. With all the roster turnover this offseason, I lost track of a lot of the players on the Hawks. I generally do not pay attention to football outside of the season and the draft so this year was especially difficult in keeping tabs on who exactly was actually a Seahawk still. Furthermore, when the damage to the end of 2009 roster became apparent, I didn't find much motivation to try and learn who all the new people were because I thought they weren't going to be worth remembering.

Obviously this team has been better than 90% of us believed. I know 49er and Chargers fans would contend that we didn't beat them, that they beat themselves, but turnovers aren't a one-man incident (unless you're Walter Thurmond). And for as much as we benefited from mistakes in our wins, we cost ourselves with mistake in our loss. I don't claim to know if this team is "for real" or not, but I can say that this team is officially a lot more fun to watch than I anticipated.

And so, I decided I should figure out where these players came from. How did they become Seahawks. I do this every season before the Mariners begin and while I'm sure y'all are a lot more familiar with the team than I am and probably don't need this, I'm doing this for myself and what's the point of not sharing? There might be others like me lurking.

This is done to the best that I could ascertain without spending five plus hours pouring through transactional histories. If you find any inaccuracies, please let me know.


RB Justin Forsett: 2008 7th Rd
WR Deon Butler: 2009 3rd Rd
WR Ben Obomanu: 2006 7th Rd
WR Golden Tate: 2010 2nd Rd
TE John Carlson: 2008 2nd Rd
TE Anthony McCoy: 2010 6th Rd
TE Cameron Morrah: 2009 7th Rd
OL Sean Locklear: 2004 3rd Rd
OL Russell Okung: 2010 1st Rd
OL Chris Spencer: 2005 1st Rd

DL Red Bryant: 2008 4th Rd
DL Dexter Davis: 2010 7th Rd
DL Brandon Mebane: 2007 3rd Rd
DL E.J. Wilson: 2010 4th Rd
LB Aaron Curry: 2009 1st Rd
LB Will Herring: 2007 5th Rd
LB Leroy Hill: 2005 3rd Rd
LB Lofa Tatupu: 2005 2nd Rd
DB Kam Chancellor: 2010 5th Rd
DB Kelly Jennings: 2006 1st Rd
DB Earl Thomas: 2010 1st Rd
DB Walter Thurmond: 2010 4th Rd
DB Marcus Trufant: 2003 1st Rd


QB Matthew Hasselbeck: 2001 1st  [Jamal Reynolds] and 3rd Rd [Torrance Marshall]*
QB Charlie Whitehurst: 2010 2nd Rd [Koa Misi] and Unknown 2011 draft pick**
RB Leon Washington: 2010 5th Rd [John Conner]***
RB Marshawn Lynch: 2011 4th Rd + 2012 Cond. picks
WR Deion Branch: 2007 1st Rd [Brandon Meriweather]
OL Stacy Andrews: Unknown 2011 draft pick
OL Tyler Polumbus: Unknown 2012 draft pick
DL Kentwan Balmer: 2011 6th Rd pick
DL Chris Clemons: DL Darryl Tapp****


WR Brandon Stokley: Denver
OL Allen Barbre: Green Bay
OL Evan Dietrich-Smith: Green Bay
OL Breno Giacomini: Green Bay
LS Clint Gresham: New Orleans
DB Nate Ness: Miami


RB Michael Robinson (2010)
WR Mike Williams (2010)
TE Chris Baker (2010)
OL Ben Hamilton (2010)
OL Chester Pitts (2010)

DL Colin Cole (2008)
DL Raheem Brock (2010)
DL Junior Siavii (2010)
LB David Hawthorne (2008)
LB Matt McCoy (2010)
DB Jordan Babineaux (2004)
DB Roy Lewis (2009)
DB Lawyer Milloy (2009)

K Olindo Mare (2008)
P Jon Ryan (2008)

*Seahawks also received a 2001 1st Rd [Steve Hutchinson] pick
**Seahawks also received a 2010 2nd Rd [Golden Tate] pick
***Seahawks also received a 2010 7th Rd [Dexter Davis] pick
****Seahawks also received a 2010 4th Rd [E.J. Wilson] pick

Of the players currently on the active roster, here is where they were originally drafted

1st Round: 9
2nd Round: 8
3rd Round: 6
4th Round: 8
5th Round: 3
6th Round: 2
7th Round: 5
Undrafted: 11

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