A Procrastination Exploration of the Seahawks Offense

I was bored as I was procrastinating so I came up with my take on the Seahawks roster and what I feel we should, or could, do moving forward. I'm no scout so most of this comes from my relatively informed opinion. Feel free to disagree, and discuss offseason moves you'd like to see, or you'd like to avoid.

I also apologize to those who think the title is really lame, I just have a punny sense of humour, and a few papers to avoid.

Depending on how much work my profs give me, I may do a similar thing for the defense and special teams..



QB: A reload is necessary. If that means in one or two years time so be it, but change must occur soon.

Starter – Matthew Hasselbeck is only really a stopgap solution right now as he nears the end of his career. Early Round Draft Pick (ERDP)/Free Agent. Early round = first three rounds.

Backup – Charlie Whitehurst is a long shot to become a competent starter, but should grow into a solid backup. Great arm, and good athleticism combined with his decisive decision making in 2010 (reads one, sometimes two, then looks to check down/run/throw it away) make for a quality backup who won’t destroy a game. Keeper (as a backup).

3rd String – Nate Davis? Will be replaced by a draft pick.


RB: With a better offensive line these running backs can turn the Seahawks into one of the best running teams in the league.

Halfback 1– Marshawn Lynch is a good starter at this time that breaks a bunch of tackles in his Beast Mode mentality. Keeper.

Halfback 2 – Justin Forsett, Leon Washington. Great tandem of change of pace backs that are quick, elusive and good receivers. Schematically, both of these players would be great in running out of passing formations. Keepers, late round flier if Washington leaves.

Fullback –Michael Robinson is a decent fullback who could fit in nicely into Cable/Bev’s offence in the same way Marcel Reece was for the Raiders last year. Robinson’s the only player that could/should fill the direct snap option game on the Seahawks. Keeper.


OL: The most important position group on offence, as they can either put the “skill players” on display to be judged fairly, or can shroud the other players’ true abilities in claims of “…but with a good offensive line….” Seattle has been in the latter category recently and needs to make more changes to support the positive direction Russell Okung represents.

LT – Russell Okung. Franchise.

RT – Sean Locklear needs to be replaced. ERDP/FA

OG – Mike Gibson, and Tyler Polumbus need to be upgraded on. Max Unger is a relatively unknown quantity as depth. I’m far from an offensive line guru, but continuity seems like something of consequence on the OL, so the OL should be up there on the to-do list. One through Draft/FA pickup (Gallery?) and let the rest compete for the job.

C – Chris Spencer has looked good from all I know. Max Unger is also depth here, but I’ve heard he’s unfit to defend against the massive nose tackle types. I hear good things from Field Gulls, but bad things from mainstream media about Spencer, and would be inclined to trust the group that actually watches him. Keeper.


TE: #1 John Carlson and #2 Cameron Morrah/Anthony McCoy represent a solid group at TE, although they need some help from the offensive line to limit their time in pass protection. Keepers

Depth: Chris Baker is good depth, predominantly as a blocker.


WR: A mostly young group with decent potential. Consistency (AKA: less drops) is the next step.

#1 – Mike Williams, with a bit of work in the offseason, can become a legitimate NFL number one receiver. Needs improvement creating separation against physical DB play as compensation for his lack of  #1 speed. Less drops. Keeper for now (talk to me in a year/when we have decent QB play).

#2/3/4 –Deon Butler/Golden Tate. Ben Obomanu had a break out year of sorts and appears to have the abilities, if not the consistency, to be an okay option. Butler had some great catches last year and Tate is very promising too, but both are still question marks that need to be answered. I expect these three will all get about equal playing time with no particular order on the depth chart. Keepers (need decent QB).

Slot – Brandon Stokely has no problems with consistency, but is the elder of the group and can’t be relied on for too much longer. Keep him around as long as we have Hasselbeck.

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