Best play in Seahawks history?

Feel free to explain your non-MARSHAWN LYNCH favorites below. I'm going to go ahead and say that this was probably my favorite play ever in Seahawks' history. My reasoning:

- It was the greatest play of perhaps the greatest game the Seahawks have ever played. Seattle has been in other barn-burners and other games which meant a lot, but both at once? There was the Green Bay "we're going to take the ball and we're going to score" game but I choose not to count that one because, well, we lost and all.

- On a purely aesthetic level, this was beautiful. It wasn't just a quarterback finding a speedy receiver who got behind a defense, a defensive back making a nice read and just happening to have nothing but space between himself and the end zone, or a botched field goal attempt that very nearly turned into the greatest play in a certain other team's recent history. This play was a team of guys simply overcoming another team time and time again on one single play. There was good blocking at the line (and, because every great play must also remind you of the frailty of humanity, bad blocking by Stacy Andrews) and great blocking down the field.

- This is really point 2A rather than a real 3rd point but to me a broken tackle is the most beautiful moment in football. It is the football equivalent of a counterpunch in boxing that sends the other guy to the canvas (a la Floyd Mayweather's hit on Ricky Hatton wherein Money used Hatton's momentum to send him face-first into the turnbuckle). And on this play there were no less than eight of them. Eight. Any one of those tackles, if made, would have made this a merely good play; a couple of them wouldn't even have given Seattle a first down. There is a great football term, not used anymore except by old-timers, called "broken field running". This play was the epitome of broken field running. At no point was this play ever working 100% correctly but it just kept succeeding yard by yard and tackle by tackle until boom, touchdown.

- In one play, it redeems a man who a lot of us, to be honest, were unsure about. I have always liked *watching* Marshawn Lynch since he joined this team but I admit that after the game is over I can't help but look at the box scores and remember the game as a whole and think, "okay, maybe Marshawn wasn't such a great pickup after all". Well, at this point, whatever the man does or doesn't do from here on out for the Seahawks, we'll always have The Run.

- It resulted in a playoff win, of course. I think that a win vs. the hated Chiefs in Kansas City comes close to a playoff victory but this in and of itself is going to give it an edge to some.

In an effort to make a little bit of a case for other plays which could measure up, I present to you the following:

Largent's hit:

Romo and Babs:

Matt Hasselbeck to Seneca Wallace, Dave Krieg passes to Skansi and Efren Herrera's FG are apparently not on the YouTubes.

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