DraftWatch - Week 5


Time to face facts: The Seattle Seahawks are essentially out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. The team has gone from one of the worst teams in the NFL to "hey, if we string a few more wins together, we might have a chance at the division again!"

So be it. Time will tell if we end up watching Seahawk football in January, but for now, let's see how all the other teams stack up in the draft order.

**1. Colts (0-5, .526 SOS)**

2. Rams (0-4, .566 SOS)

**3. Dolphins (0-4, .571 SOS)**

4. Cardinals (1-4, .459 SOS)

5. Eagles (1-4, .500 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

6. Jaguars (1-4 .500 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

7. Panthers (1-4, .532 SOS)

**8. Broncos (1-4, .595 SOS)**

9. Vikings (1-4, .608 SOS)

**10. Seahawks (2-3, .459 SOS)**

11. Falcons (2-3,.488 SOS)

12. Jets (2-3, .506 SOS)

**13. Chiefs (2-3 .532 SOS)**

14. Bears (2-3, .539 SOS)

15. Browns (2-2, .474 SOS)

16. Cowboys (2-2, .513 SOS)

17. Texans (3-2, .416 SOS)

18. Titans (3-2, .436 SOS)

19. Bengals (3-2, .467 SOS)

20. Steelers (3-2, .480 SOS)

21. Buccaneers (3-2, .506 SOS)

22. Giants (3-2, .514 SOS)

23. Raiders (3-2, .538 SOS)

24. Redskins (3-1, .408 SOS)

25. Ravens (3-1, .468 SOS)

26. Saints (4-1, .443 SOS)

27. Patriots (4-1, .447 SOS)

28. 49ers (4-1, .459 SOS)

29. Bills (4-1, .487 SOS)

30. Chargers (4-1, .500 SOS)

31. Packers (5-0, .493 SOS)

32. Lions (5-0, .533 SOS)

(Strength of Schedule is the aggregate winning records of all opponents on a team's schedule. Divisional opponents are counted twice, as they appear on the schedule twice. In the event of a tie for schedule strength, divisional record prevails; if there is still a tie, a coin flip would determine the final ranking.)

The introduction of bye weeks to the schedule has made Strength of Schedule rather messy, so we'll be going with percentage points for a while until everyone else catches up.

The Colts have the inside track for the #1 pick, and it will probably stay that way until they win a game. The AFC South is a week division this year, with the two top teams having a 3-2 record and looking rather shaky while the AFC East will probably send two teams to the playoffs. The Rams may end up snatching the top pick if they can't turn their season around, but it's pretty doubtful they'll be in the market for a QB.

Since the Seahawks are no longer seriously in the running for the top draft pick, we'll be scaling back the updates to DraftWatch a bit. We'll probably go back to weekly updates towards the end of the season, but for now we'll start updating on a bi-weekly basis. On that note, we'll see how much the lineup changes after week 7. See you then! (Edit: Looks like people really do want to see this every week, so it will remain a weekly fixture. See you next week, then!)

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