Holmgren, Ferguson, Ruskell, Schneider Part 2

Here is the second installment of my 4 part piece on the last four Seahawks G. M.s. The first part, "Drafting," can be found here.

In this installment the focus will lie on trades. The trade used to be the life line of teams, but that was before free agency put power in the players hands as well.

In the modern day trades still happen, but usually as a way to improve draft positioning for a player the GM or coach has a hunch about. In 1989a young brash coach named Jimmy Johnson took over the reins of the Cowboys, who had been coached by Tom Landry since 1960, and changed the whole way drafting and trades worked.

Jimmy is a pretty smart and savvy coach, but he made his distinction in more of a GM role. In his first Year Jimmy Johnson was credited with what could be considered the biggest draft day robbery by trading Herschel Walker, two 3rd round picks, a 5th rounder and a 10th round pick, in return he received 5 players, three 1st round picks, three 2nd round picks, a 3rd rounder and a 6th round pick. These picks would later be the core for three Super Bowl wins, two with Johnson at the helm.

Jimmy Johnson is also credited with creating, what at the time was considered, a perfect formula for how valuable each draft pick was he used this formula to trade down draft picks and get the most value during each draft.

With the removal of structured salaries for draft picks, the formula went out of style, because many teams did not want to sink massive amounts of team salary cap into the upper draft picks, one example is the Sam Bradford contract A 6 year $78 million contract with $50 million guaranteed, before he even played a snap. Because of these rising rookie salaries, the new CBA has re-instituted structured rookie salaries. Does that mean the trade formula works again? Maybe, so I included numbers for all draft picks traded.

As in my first article, I will also be using AV, its main purposes are to not only replace the draft points, but also to evaluate each draftee's expectations, and by extension we can grade players against their draft slot. I have included those numbers for each player as well.

As always, with any statistical means to determine a players value, a lot of things go unaccounted for, such as over pursuit, running the wrong routes, or if you use the proper splits in each situation. That being said, stats are stats, and if you are not putting them up, your AV will be low. So rookies who have not hit their peak, or haven't been given a shot yet will statistically be very low, while a person who has had a full career will have more potential to have higher numbers.

Seahawk trades 1999 through 2010

1999 Mike Holmgren 1st Year

Traded 1999 first round pick (#17-Damien Woody 50 AV, 950 DP ) to Patriots for 1999 first round pick (#20-Ebenezer Ekuban 37 AV, 850 DP), 1999 third round pick (#82-Karsten Bailey1 AV, 180 DP ), 1999 sixth round pick (#191-James Dearth 7 AV, 15 DP ) on 1999-04-17.

Traded 1999 first round pick (#20-Ebenezer Ekuban 37 AV, 850 DP) to Cowboys for 1999 first round pick (#22-Lamar King 16 AV, 780 DP ), 1999 fifth round pick (#140-Floyd Wedderburn 12 AV, 36 DP) on 1999-04-17.

Traded two 1999 sixth round picks (#187-Kendall Ogle 0 AV, 16.6 DP ) (#191-James Dearth 7 AV, 15 DP) to Browns for 1999 sixth round pick (#170-Steve Johnson 0 AV, 23.4 DP) on 1999-04-18.

These three trades were really just one big trade with a lot of teams involved, so in this case I put the final numbers and comments all together. This is Holmgren's first draft as a GM, and as such, using Draft Points Holmgren comes out way on top with a draft day total +52.8 DP, unfortunately he didn't pick exceptionally well, and those players vs the ones he traded away were significantly lower AV.

We traded +5 AV for -43 AV for a total loss of - 48 AV points. This was a terrible draft by Holmgren, made worse by trades even with the extra opportunity afforded in the DP.

*Traded 1999 Seventh round pick (Ryan Young #223, 2.3 DP, 22 AV) for Glenn Foley(1 AV)*

Total Year Score: +50.5 DP, - 69 AV

2000 Holmgren Year 2

Traded Joey Galloway (39 AV post seahawks)to Cowboys for 2000 first round pick (#19-Shaun Alexander 68 AV, 875 DP), 2001 first round pick (#7-Andre Carter 55 AV, 1500 DP) on 2000-02-12.

In 1999 Joey Galloway had sat out for 8 games in a contract dispute, and instead of giving him a big contract the Seahawks did the smart thing, they Franchise tagged him and shipped him to Dallas for two first round picks Holmgren looks like a true genius here Galloway was never the same, and we got Shaun Mother efFer Alexander, and Carter(Later traded ill discuss that later)

Score:+2375 DP, AV +84 AV

Traded James McKnight( 21 AV post Seahawks) to Cowboys for 2000 third round pick (#80-Darrell Jackson 55 AV, 190 DP) on 1999-06-24.

Holmgren again looks great as he trades aging talent for a big cog in the 'Hawks future success, I think Holmgren is starting to get used to this GM stuff.

Score: + 190 DP, + 34 AV

Traded 2000 third round pick (#86-Jeff Ulbrich 31 av, 160 DP) to 49ers for 2000 fourth round pick (#119-Isiah Kacyvenski 14 AV, 56 DP), 2000 fifth round pick (#154-Muneer Moore 0 AV, 29.8 DP) on 2000-04-15.

Sometimes you gotta know when to quit while you are ahead, and unfortunately Holmgren rolls off two bad trades and a terrible trade

Score: - 74.2 DP, - 17 AV

Traded Ahman Green,(78 av post seahawks) 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Joey Jamison 0 av, 31 dp) to Packers for Fred Vinson(0 av), 2000 sixth round pick (#185-Tim Watson 0 av , 17.4 DP) on 2000-04-14

Score: -13.6 DP, - 78 AV

Traded 2000 fifth round pick (#154-Muneer Moore 0 av, 29.8 DP) to Broncos for 2000 sixth round pick (#175-James Williams 4 av, 21.4 dp), 2000 seventh round pick (#231-Clifton Black 0 av, 2 dp) on 2000-04-16

Score: -7.8 DP , -4 AV

Traded 2000 seventh round pick (#229-Ron Moore 0 av ) to Packers for Derrick Mayes (9 AV) on 1999-08-30 Holmgren Does get a steal here

Score: +9 AV

Total Year Score: +2473.2 DP, +28 AV

2001 Holmgren Year 3

Traded 2001 first round pick (#7-Andre Carter 55 AV, 1500 DP), 2001 sixth round pick (#191-Menson Holloway 0 AV, 15 DP) to 49ers for 2001 first round pick (#9-Koren Robinson 35 av, 1350), 2001 third round pick (#82-Heath Evans 18 AV, 180 DP), 2001 seventh round pick (#222-Dennis Norman 15 AV, 2.6 DP) on 2001-04-21.

Holmgren keeps the ball rolling with the Galloway trade by trading Carter for three key players.

Score: +17.6 DP, +13 AV,

Traded Packers right to swap 2001 first round picks (#10-Jamal Reynolds 2 AV, 1300 DP), 2001 third round pick (#72-Torrance Marshall 6 AV, 205 DP) to Packers for Matt Hasselbeck (78 AV), Packers right to swap 2001 first round picks (#17-Steve Hutchinson 74 AV, 900 DP) on 2001-03-02.

This is Holmgren's shining light as a trader. Landing a franchise QB alone is an accomplishment, but adding on a perennial pro bowler on the O-line as well for busts is genius.

Score: - 605 DP(What Hasselbeck was worth in DP equivalent to 31st pick overall), +144 AV

Traded 2000 seventh round pick (#231-Clifton Black 0 AV, 2 DP) to Raiders for 2001 sixth round pick (#191-Menson Holloway 0 AV, 15 DP) on 2000-04-16.

Im sure the two involved here were the only people who cared about this trade...

Score +13 DP

Total Year Score: - 574.4 DP(received Hasselbeck), +157 AV

2002 Holmgren Year 4

Traded 2002 first round pick (#20-Javon Walker 39 AV, 850 DP ), 2002 fifth round pick (#156-Aaron Kampman 57 AV, 28 DP) to Packers for 2002 first round pick (#28-Jerramy Stevens 26 AV, 660 DP), 2002 second round pick (#60-Anton Palepoi 3 AV, 300 DP) on 2002-04-20

At this point im starting to wonder if Holmgren is a genius, or just firing off trades wildly, this is a bomb of a bad trade, not only is J. Stevens not a good TE, but he has a loud mouth too.

Score: +82 DP, - 68 AV

Traded Brock Huard (2 AV) to Colts for 2002 fifth round pick (#146-Rocky Bernard 32 AV, 33 DP ) on 2002-04-19.

And Holmgren Fakes us out again by being right on this trade. Fun note, I played against both Brock and his brother Damon in HS football, both attended Puyallup HS. Brock was pretty good back then, and I like his Chalk talks!

Score +33 DP(Lost a player),+30 AV

Total Year Score: +115DP, -38AV

Total Score: +2033.6 DP, +78 AV.

Synopsis: Homgren played the draft position game very well, and generally got the most from trading aging players, Jerramy Stevens and Ahman Green will haunt him, but he was very good at improving the team through trades..

2003 Bob Ferguson Year 1

Traded 2003 fifth round pick (#147-James Lee 0 AV, 32.6 DP) to Packers for 2003 fifth round pick (#165-Chris Davis 0 AV 25.4 DP), 2003 sixth round pick (#203-Kareem Kelly 0 AV, 10.2 DP) on 2003-04-27

Quiet forgettable trade and players.

Score :+3 DP

Traded Charlton Keith (0 AV)to Jaguars for 2003 seventh round pick (#222-Josh Brown)

Even though the chart says a wash, I believe this was a good trade for the hawks as brown was very reliable and clutch, until he got greedy.

Total Year Score: + 3dp, and a solid kicker

2004 Bob Ferguson Year 2

No draft trades

Ferguson total: +3 dp, very forgettable trading.

2005 Tim Ruskell Year 1

Traded 2005 first round pick (#23-Fabian Washington 21 AV, 760 DP) to Raiders for 2005 first round pick (#26-Chris Spencer 23 AV, 700 DP), 2005 fifth round pick (#105-Ray Willis 10 AV, 84 DP) on 2005-04-23.

Small victory for Ruskell in his first draft. 2 starters

Score: +22 DP, +12 AV

Traded 2005 second round pick (#54-Eric Shelton 0 AV, 360 DP ), two 2005 fourth round picks (#121-Stefan Lefors0 AV, 52 DP) (#126-Todd Herremans 35 AV, 46 DP) to Panthers for 2005 second round pick (#45-Lofa Tatupu 48 AV, 450 DP) on 2005-04-23.

This was widely scored following the draft saying we over extended to get Lofa, I don't think anyone feels that way now.

Score: +3 DP, +13 AV

Traded Trent Dilfer (10 AV post seahawks)to Browns for 2005 fourth round pick (#126-Todd Herremans 35 AV, 46 DP) on 2005-03-05

This really made it a Trent Dilfer for Lofa Tatupu trade and i'm very okay with that any day of the week.

Score:-46 DP, +25 av

Total Year Score: -21 DP, +50 AV

2006 Tim Ruskell Year 2

*Traded 1st round pick, 24th overall (Brandon Meriweather 720 DP, 22 AV) to Patriots for Deion Branch (18 AV).

This trade is a lot closer to even than people would think, mostly because not only did we give a #1 up but cause we signed him to a ridiculous contract as well, something not many people could live upto, much less an injury prone, small reciever.

Score: -720 DP, - 4 AV

Total Yearly Score: -720 DP, -4 AV*

2007 Tim Ruskell Year 3

Traded Darrell Jackson (6 post Seahawks AV) to 49ers for 2007 fourth round pick (#124-Mansfield Wrotto 5 AV, 48 DP) on 2007-04-29.

Score +48 DP, -1 AV

I know I was kinda surprised by this trade myself, because I thought Jackson was just finally getting going and taking pressure off Engram.

Total Year Score:+48 DP, -1 AV

2008 TIm Ruskell Year 4

Traded 2008 first round pick (#25-Mike Jenkins 19 AV, 720 DP) to Cowboys for 2008 first round pick (#28-Lawrence Jackson 12 AV, 660 DP), 2008 fifth round pick (#163-Owen Schmitt 1 AV, 26.2 DP), 2008 seventh round pick (#235-Brandon Coutu 0 AV, 2 DP) on 2008-04-26.

So much Opportunity lost here, with three picks.

Score: -31.8 DP, -6 AV

Traded 2008 second round pick (#55-Ray Rice 36 AV, 350 DP), 2008 third round pick (#86-Thomas Zbikowski 6 AV, 160 DP) to Ravens for 2008 second round pick (#38-John Carlson 16 AV, 520 DP ) on 2008-04-26.

Carlson is nice, but man wouldn't ray rice be nicer?

Score: +10 DP, -26 AV

Traded Bryce Fisher (0 AV post Seahawks) to Titans for 2008 sixth round pick (#189-Tyler Schmitt 0 AV, 15.8) on 2007-09-11

I remember Fisher having negative press and that was why he was shipped out, that and he was a complete FA bust...

Score: +15.8 DP

Traded 2008 fifth round pick (#158-Kellen Davis 4 AV, 28.2 DP) to Jaguars for Alvin Pearman( 0 AV with seahawks), 2008 seventh round pick (#233-Justin Forsett 11 AV, 2 DP) on 2007-09-01

Another small victory, probably would be a bigger victory if we had a better OL the last few years.

Score: -26.2 DP, +7 AV

Total Yearly Score: -32.2 DP -25 AV

2009 Tim Ruskell Year 5

Traded 2009 third round pick (#68-Jarron Gilbert 0 AV, 250 DP), 2009 fourth round pick (#105-Henry Melton 0 AV, 84 DP) to Bears for 2009 second round pick (#49-Max Unger 5 AV, 410 DP) on 2009-04-25.

Unger struggled mightily last year at guard, but seems like his technique, and skill has grown, should be a great addition with growing chance to increase his AV.

Score: +76 DP, +5 AV

Traded 2009 fifth round pick (#137-Jason Phillips 0 AV, 37.5 DP), 2009 seventh round pick (#213-Paul Fanaika 0 AV, 6.2 DP), 2010 third round pick (#70-Ed Dickson 3 AV, 240 DP) to Eagles for 2009 third round pick (#91-Deon Butler 4 AV, 136 DP) on 2009-04-26.

WR are notorious for needing a few years to get down the precision route running needed in the NFL, Butler was "just getting it" before he broke his leg, hopefully he comes back stronger than ever.

Score: -147.7 DP, +1 AV

Traded Julian Peterson(8 AV) to Lions for Cory Redding(1 AV), 2009 fifth round pick (#137-Jason Phillips 0 AV, 6.2 DP) on 2009-03-14

This trade never made sense to me, JP was a freak of nature. Cant say its money since we paid Curry so much. Really should have waited to see if curry was ready before you release someone so good.

Score: +6.2 DP, -7 AV

Traded 2009 second round pick (#37-Alphonso Smith 6 AV, 530 DP) to Broncos for 2010 first round pick (#14-Earl Thomas 7 AV, 1100 DP) on 2009-04-25

Thanks you very much Mr Bronco! Even a year behind Smith, Earl is out performing him.

Score: +570 DP, +1 AV.

Total Year score: +504.5 DP, 0 AV

Ruskell Total:+499.3 DP, +24 AV

Synopsis: Will Brian Xanders continue having nightmares of someone calling for "The Gimp?" Even the snow job that Ruskell put over him couldn't save Ruskell's job. Ruskell pulled off some pretty decent trades. Problem was he never hit the jackpot in spots we were desperate for.

2010 John Schneider year 1

Traded 2010 second round pick (#40-Koa Misi 6 AV, 500 DP), 2011 third round pick (#89-Shareece Wright 0 AV, 145 DP) to Chargers for Charlie Whitehurst( 2 AV), 2010 second round pick (#60-Golden Tate 2 Av, 300 DP) on 2010-03-17

I remember when this trade happened a lot of people thought it was either the next big thing or a complete bust, but in reality it was just another roster churn, where JS and PC were mining for gems. If MapleBars can "Get it" he alone is gonna make this trade worth it, but add on CBJ who has proven not only to be a very capable Back up but also very capable of adapting. He has had some good and bad games, but I think this was a trade worth making.

Score: -345 DP, (Whitehurst's DP value about 23rd pick in 2nd round, 55th over all), - 2 AV

Traded 2010 fourth round pick (#104-Alterraun Verner 5 AV, 86 DP), 2010 sixth round pick (#176-Rusty Smith 1 AV, 21 DP) to Titans for LenDale White(0 AV), Kevin Vickerson( 0 AV), 2010 fourth round pick (#111-Walter Thurmond 1 AV, 72 DP), 2010 sixth round pick (#185-Anthony McCoy 0 AV).

This could have been a good trade if LenDale white wasn't such a douche bag, but bad attitude outweighed the athletism.

17.4 DP) on 2010-04-24

Score:-17.6 DP, -5 AV

Traded Darryl Tapp (3 post Seahawks AV)to Eagles for Chris Clemons( 7 AV with Seahawks), 2010 fourth round pick (#127-E.J. Wilson 0 AV, 45 DP) on 2010-03-16.

Chris Clemons is good at football

Score: +45 dp, +4 av

Traded Rob Sims (6 AV), 2010 seventh round pick (#213-Willie Young 0 AV, 6.2 DP) to Lions for Robert Henderson (0 AV), 2010 fifth round pick (#133-Kam Chancellor 1 AV, 39.5 DP) on 2010-04-05.

Last year the Lions got the best of this trade, because it took Kam a full year to learn from one of the best in Lawyer Milloy. This year we get the best of it.

Fun fact. I played against Lawyer Milloy as well in High School.

Score: +33.3 DP, -5 AV

Traded 2010 fifth round pick (#139-John Conner 0 AV, 36.5 DP) to Jets for Leon Washington (4 AV), 2010 seventh round pick (#236-Dexter Davis 1 AV, 2 DP) on 2010-04-24.

WHEEEEEEE, that is the noise I image Leon making when he streaks by the other teams special teams on the way to the end zone. But I give *Schneider* credit for having the guts to trade the man who saved the world from the Terminators.

Score: -34.5 DP, +5 AV

Traded Deion Branch(9 AV ) to patriots for a 4th rounder(K.J. Wright 104 DP) We did give a lot of AV up here, but i think Deion branch is looking at a very short career, he is injury prone and getting older, not a good combo. KJ has already supplanted super safe pick Aaron curry and has done well enough to get him shipped to the raiders. Score: Ideterminate as player involved in rookie year.

Total Year Score: -352.1(Gained Whitehurst), +2 AV

Credit goes to CTS for compiling yearly draft trades.

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