A Quick Look at the Seahawks Schedule

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 2: Colt McCoy #12 of the Cleveland Browns hands the ball off to Montario Hardesty #31 against the Chicago Bears during the preseason game on September 2 2010 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland Ohio. The Browns defeated the Bears 13-10. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

The Hawks are about one-third of the way through the season and sit at 2-3. A win at the New York Giants and against Arizona, and losses at San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and against the Falcons. Overall, looking at that schedule, I'd say the Seahawks did pretty well for themselves.

Before the season started that San Francisco game looked very winnable but now that we've seen how well they're playing, the fact Seattle was in that game on the road with under four minutes, before getting Ginn'd, is respectable. Before the season, I wouldn't have given the Hawks a chance on the road in Pittsburgh. And they didn't have a chance. So no big surprise.

Before the season, I would have thought the Arizona game was a W and that's what the Seahawks got. Before the season, I would have expected the Falcons to dominate. They didn't. There are no moral victories in the NFL, but the fact the Seahawks hung in that game and were in a position to win shows they're not the 'roll-over-and-die' version of the team from the last few years. 

Finally, before the season, I would have said that Giants game was going to be a disaster. Well, you know what happened. Sometimes the NFL can surprise you. A lot of times, actually. With that in mind, let's take a look at the rest of the schedule...

Week Seven: @ Cleveland Browns (2-3)

Week Eight: vs Cincinnati Bengals (4-2)

Week Nine: @ Dallas Cowboys (2-3)

Week Ten: vs Baltimore Ravens (4-1)

Week Eleven: @ St. Louis Rams (0-5)

Week Twelve: vs Washington Redskins (3-2)

Week Thirteen: vs Philadelphia Eagles (2-4)

Week Fourteen: vs St. Louis Rams (0-5)

Week Fifteen: @ Chicago Bears (3-3)

Week Sixteen: vs San Francisco 49ers (5-1)

Week Seventeen: @ Arizona Cardinals (1-4)

If you look at the Seahawks' remaining schedule, the Seahawks opponents have a combined record of 26-28 (if you factor that they play the Rams twice, it's more like 26-33). The brutal portion of the Seahawks schedule is in the rear view, and some winnable games have presented themselves. It is the NFL of course, where the truism "any given Sunday" has never been more true (ok, that might not be factually correct, but regardless it seems like parity in this league is pretty strong right now). 

At first glance it looks like the 'toughest' games will be in Week Ten and Week Fifteen. Week Sixteen will be a good test. Other than that, the Eagles have been struggling and let's hope that continues. The Cowboys, as always, are inconsistent. The Cardinals aren't producing. The Bengals are off to a good start but the Seahawks get them at home, where anything can happen. The Rams are, well, the Rams. I still think winning at their place will be tough. The Redskins are now relying on John Beck. This weekend's game is winnable. I don't like to make predictions on wins so I'm not going to, but the rest of the schedule presents some very interesting matchups. 

Which games are you looking forward to? How many wins do you pick out of there? Tell me how you're feeling. 

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