DraftWatch - Week 7


Good God, this may have been the ugliest week of professional football since the forward pass was implemented. Among the games we were treated to watching the past 48 hours were: a 5-2 team pasting a winless opponent by 55 points, two quarterbacks for the same team each throwing three interceptions, the Broncos playing 57 minutes of terrible football before realizing they had Tim Tebow on their team, and of course the free-wheeling shootout that took place in Cleveland.

Rather than prolong the agony, let's just get this thing posted and over with, and forget this week ever happened. 

Here's how the draft order stacks up after seven weeks of so-called "football":

1. Colts (0-7, .553 SOS)

2. Rams. (0-6, .571 SOS)

3. Dolphins (0-6, .580 SOS)

4. Vikings (1-6, .598 SOS)

5. Cardinals (1-5,.455 SOS)

6. Jaguars (2-5, .500 SOS)

7. Panthers (2-5, .514 SOS)

**8. Seahawks (2-4, .495 SOS)**

9. Eagles (2-4, .510 SOS)

10. Broncos (2-4, .573 SOS)

11. Redskins (3-3, .438 SOS)

12. Titans (3-3, .458 SOS)

13. Browns (3-3, .475 SOS)

14. Cowboys (3-3, .500 SOS)

15. Chiefs (3-3, .524 SOS)

16. Texans (4-3, .441 SOS)

17. Falcons (4-3, .477 SOS)

18. Jets (4-3, .510 SOS)

19. Buccaneers (4-3, .514 SOS)

20. Raiders (4-3, .534 SOS)

21. Bears (4-3, .554 SOS)

22. Bengals (4-2, .470 SOS)

23. Ravens (4-2, .476 SOS)

24. Bills (4-2, .5100 SOS)

25. Giants (4-2, .5104 SOS)

26. Chargers (4-2, .519 SOS)

27. Saints (5-2, .459 SOS)

28. Steelers (5-2, .480 SOS)

29. Lions (5-2, .561 SOS)

30. 49ers (5-1, .448 SOS)

31. Patriots (5-1, .455 SOS)

32. Packers (7-0, .486 SOS)

(Strength of Schedule is the total win-loss record of every opponent on a team's schedule. Divisional opponents are counted twice, since they appear on the schedule twice. If teams are tied for schedule strength, the team with the worse divisional record gets the higher ranking; if that's tied, then a coin flip determines the order.)

No surprises again this week, as the Colts continue to hold the top spot in the draft. And after what we saw on Saturday night, it's pretty clear that they are the single worst team in the league, so wrestling the pole position away from them is not going to be easy - especially since the AFC South continues to stink as a whole with a league worst 9-18 record. The Rams move in front of the Dolphins for the second pick, thanks to its divisional opponents going 0-2 and bringing the NFC West to a total record of 8-13, good enough for second worst. And the Seahawks move back into the top 10 thanks to the stinkbomb they laid last Sunday.

Next week is going to be an interesting one for the top of the draft board, as the Vikings and Panthers will square off  against each other. If Christian Ponder wants his stint as starter for the Vikes to last longer than one season, he'll find a way to win this one. 

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