Needs and wants: a Seahawks Fan Point of View


QB: Jackson, Whitehurst, Portis

Notes: I believe next year Whitehurst will be gone and the new QB group will be The two above (Minus Whitehurst) and of course the QB picked in the draft. I don’t know who that will be, but I feel it will be an interesting draft. I think Pete and John will do a lot to get either Barkley or Luck, anything can be bought for the right price.


(The Questions, Who will it be? and for what price?)


(He wears a reciever gloves like Roethlisberger, could he be the second coming of big Ben The Great? I sure as hell hope not)


RB: Lynch, Forsett, Washington, Taua (PS)

Notes: This is kind of an interesting Position for us, I think we need some explosive play from here, maybe its just that the O-line hasn’t gotten to its potential yet but the only one I like to watch run the ball is Leon and Lynch at times. Washington is more of a slasher and he finds the little wholes and can burst through with ease. Lynch on the other hand I like as a power back, great power, strength and at times can make his own holes with help from the O-line. I would like to see play is Taua, I’m wondering if he could come in and be a good RB for us, he didn’t disappoint in the Preseason, so hopefully he can impress enough in the off season that he can make the roster, maybe lose Forsett and keep the 3 if we don’t draft a RB (there is talk of us going after Trent Richardson). I believe Marshawn will be a FA next year, I would like to have him back for the right price, He’s a very vocal leader, and I enjoy it, while watching the Brows game he wasn’t even playing and he was running out to the field trying to hype players up, was something I enjoyed seeing from him.


(then there is always the hometown boy)

(DE: Clemons, Bryant, Hargrove, Brock, Levingston (PS), Wilkerson (IR)

Notes:I Really enjoy these outside Lineman, the only sad thing is, they are getting old and we need some young juice to give it that extra punch. I cant find the FA defensive ends for next year so I’m not going to list any here. but with the draft coming up I am looking at a few prospect that I would love for the hawks to look at. Someone that has been on my Radar has been Frank Alexander (OU DE), I’ve liked him since the Florida State game where he was basically bare backing EJ Manuel every snap. I believe he may climb in the draft, but he is currently in some mocks projected to go in the 3rdround. Good length and size (6’4 255lbs) Good pass rusher I hope to see in a Hawks uniform next year. Among others that I like are, Andre Branch (Clem. DE 6‘4 260), Vinny Curry (Marsh. 6’3 260), Jake Bequette (Ark. 6’5 271). This draft is going to be nice for mid to late round D- lineman.


(maybe not Ej Manuel but it will do)

CB: Browner, Trufant (IR), Thurmond (IR), Lewis, Sherman, Cox, Maxwell, Ron Parker.

Notes: I believe the secondary plays strictly off the D-line, if you don’t have a pass rush, the opposing QB has a lot of time and can dissect the defense fairly often, but a playmaking CB is always nice, especially since ours cant seem to be healthy, our secondary really isn’t as bad, its just that we can get enough pass rush to even have the opposing QB worrying, although it has picked up lately with Clemons getting to his average of one sack a game it has come a little late with two of our better corners going down (Trufant, Thurmond), I am actually anxious for our young CB’s to play mainly Sherman, I really like this kid love his length and coverage isn’t bad either (he’s young so bare with him haha) again I’m not sure who is going to be a FA next year in this area so I go straight to the draft. From what I’ve heard of Pete, is he likes tall physical receivers so those are the only ones I’ve really looked at Dre Kirkpatrick (6’2ish 192) Definitely what Carroll would love to have, unfortunately I see him going in the 1stand don’t see us getting him. I’m excited for this weekend (Bama vs. LSU) Morris Claiborne (6’1 185) again, the stereotypical Carroll guy, physical, strong, and tall, I believe it a possibility we could get him, depending on how much confidence Carroll and John have in Tru and Thurmond coming back.


(Celebrating after the Hawk Select him! yay!)

These are needs and wants of myself, a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, at no time while writing this did I think of these positions being in order of need, just some ideas from me. Thank you for reading and GO HAWKS!

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