In Which Mike Mayock (& Mattlock) Pontificate Upon Matt Barkley

Matt Barkley vs Notre Dame (via JMPasq)

DK edit: this fanpost was from the weekend but I'm frontpaging it because I think it could generate some good discussion (and already has) and I like the effort put into this post. Well done Mattlock...

I started watching this video over on SeahawksDraftBlog (if you don't frequent this site, do so.  And follow Rob on Twitter: @RobStaton).  I decided to make a couple notes in a comment about the video, but then a couple turned into more than a couple, so I decided to post it here also. 

I had no idea Mike Mayock was the colour guy for this game, so I got super excited when I started watching it.  Mike Mayock commentating on a Matt Barkley game?  Can life get any better??  I submit that it cannot

I need to stop watching film of Barkley, because I'm gonna fall way too in love with him, then I'll lose out on him, because Seattle sports fans can't have nice things.  

To the analysis!

2:56 -- Great accuracy and zip on this pass (he has plenty of arm).

3:13 -- Matt heaves this 50 yards in the air, and just barely overthrows his receiver (better than underthrowing, here's to you, Charlie)... the pocket is giving way in front of him, so he can't really step into this throw, and still has no problem hucking it 50 yards.

3:42 -- Quick pass, excellent touch, and leads his receiver perfectly, which actually probably adds 4-5 yards to the play.

3:58 -- This is the kind of play that I think really sets Barkley apart from anyone not named Luck.  Under pressure, maintains his composure, and not only makes a catchable pass with a lineman around his ankles, but has the presence of mind to wait for his receiver to gain just a bit more separation before making the pass.  Such presence of mind.  Many NFL QBs would not make a play like this.

4:22 -- This is a seriously impressive throw.  Weak arm??  Give me a break.  A bullet into triple coverage, placed exactly where only his receiver can catch it.  You'll never see a Colt McCoy/Andy Dalton/Jimmy Clausen/Christian Ponder make a throw like this.

4:54 -- I have no earthly idea how Barkley sensed the CB blitz.  Quick release, places the ball perfectly (again).  Should have been a TD.

5:56 -- For people saying he's not athletic enough or doesn't progress through reads... he clearly begins to run after at least his FOURTH read--and gains 7 yards.  Not an explicitly "mobile" QB, but he's smart, knows when to tuck and run, and where to go to get yards.

6:58 -- Just look into those blue eyes, and let Mayock do the analysis.  Reads, baby, reads.

7:18 -- Again with the eyes, man.  I'm starting to feel like this may be love.

7:54 -- Runs the play-action bootleg to perfection.  Nothing available, no problem, just juke the would-be tackler and run 12 yards and pick up the first.  Man, imagine how good he'd be if he was athletic!

8:23 -- This is when I knew it was love.  Look at the big boy hustling downfield and throwing blocks.  Reminded me of another Matt... on another note, how many times did Woods run straight into his blockers in this game??  Haven't watched enough of him specifically to tell if this is a regular issue with him, but goodness -- have some patience, man.

8:52 -- This is another bullet.  Mayock makes the point that this could have been a TD.  I think he meant if he hadn't let him quite as much, so he didn't have to dive, then it would have been a TD.  I think that is a good point, but my god, are we picking nits now.

9:39 -- "(A)n uncanny, innate sense of timing"... how many times has something like this with the 'Hawks turned into a sack and sometimes a fumble?  Ball protection, no turnovers, no sacks.  This boy is a Pete Carroll disciple--or at least just a good QB.

10:26 -- I think he has at least one throw like this every single game.  Gorgeous pump-fake followed by a picture-perfect pass that only Woods could catch.  How do you defend something like this?

Man, was this a pretty performance.  Full-blown man-crush going on here now.

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