DraftWatch - Week 4

Admittedly, a game like the one we just saw on Sunday makes something like tracking the status of the Seahawks' draft position less important. But for consistency's sake, we press on. Besides - what better way to point and laugh at the Rams than to note that they'd be picking first if the draft were held tomorrow?

Here's how the standings look now:

1. Rams (0-4, 35-29 SOS, 0-0 Div.)

2. **Colts** (0-4, 36-28 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

3. **Vikings** (0-4, 37-27 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

4. **Dolphins** (0-4, 40-24 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

5. Cardinals (1-3, 27-37 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

6. **Seahawks** (1-3, 30-34 SOS, 1-1 Div.)

7. Chiefs (1-3, 32-32 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

8. Eagles (1-3, 33-31 SOS, 0-01Div.)

9. **Broncos** (1-3, 35-29 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

10. Panthers (1-3, 35-29 SOS, 0-0 Div.)

11. Jaguars (1-3, 35-29 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

12. Browns (2-2, 28-36 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

13. Steelers (2-2, 30-34 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

14. Bengals (2-2, 30-34 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

15. Jets (2-2, 32-32 SOS, 0-0 Div.)

16. Falcons (2-2, 33-31 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

17. Raiders (2-2, 33-31 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

18. Bears (2-2, 34-30 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

19. Cowboys (2-2, 34-30 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

20. Redskins (3-1, 26-38 SOS, 1-1 Div.)

21. Patriots (3-1, 28-36 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

22. Texans (3-1, 28-36 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

23-24. Ravens (3-1, 29-35 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

23-24. 49ers (3-1, 29-35 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

25. Titans (3-1, 30-34 SOS, 0-1 Div.)

26. Chargers (3-1, 30-34 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

27. Bills (3-1, 29-35 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

28-29. Giants (3-1, 32-32 SOS, 1-1 Div.)

28-29. Saints (3-1, 32-32 SOS, 0-0 Div.)

30. Buccaneers (3-1, 34-30 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

31. Packers (4-0, 28-36 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

32. Lions (4-0, 30-34 SOS, 1-0 Div.)

So there you go. Clearly, the bad teams are starting to shake out and emerge near the front of the draft order; three of the five neediest teams at QB now find themselves in the top 5. The Seahawks are looking at the sixth pick right now; unfortunately, that puts us fourth in line for a quarterback if everyone I've highlighted makes a run for one. Worst of all, it's hard to see any of these teams leapfrogging the Seahawks' record; Miami has a brutal schedule taking them through the NFC East to go along with its divisional games, the Vikings have two divisional opponents that are the last two 4-0 teams left in the league, and the Colts have Curtis Painter starting under center. Curtis Freaking Painter. The man whose last name describes what he'll be doing when the season's over. Meanwhile, the Seahawks have shown a little bit of life with a win followed by a close loss. Funny how the more this team improves over the course of the season, the less likely it may become that the team will be able to fill its biggest hole.

We'll see how things develop as we move into the first wave of bye weeks. See you next Tuesday!

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