Field Gulls Fantasy League #4 - Week 4 Recap

This is something I'm going to try and do for the rest of the season since there probably won't be a lot of opportunities for "What the Losers Are Saying"/"The Morning Aftermath" anytime soon. Basically this is a recap of the Field Gulls Fantasy League I'm in along with a screenshot of the league standings.

The official name of our league is "Uncle Paul's Hobby" but it was the 4th league set-up way back on August 9th.


SSreporters vs. Cheddar28 (99.60-87.09)

This game should've been a lot more lopsided than I made it. I benched Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Devin Hester all to start Dustin Keller. Additionally the Falcons D was ripped apart and scored only 2 points. Phillip Rivers put up an impressive 34 points and was one of five players to score double-digit points. The majority of Cheddar's points came out of Matt Hasselbeck (28 pts) and Matt Forte (27 pts) but questionable selections of Alfonso Smith, Scott Chandler, and Ted Ginn Jr.  all backfired. He needed 20 points from the Buccaneers D/ST to pull off the W but only managed 7 and yours truly improves to 3-1.


Dizzy Saturn vs. Sweet Chin Music (73.62-28.23)

Quite incredibly the starting QBs for this matchup were Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco. Sweet Chin Music started Sanchez, who actually finished with -8 points. SCM's horrible horrible fantasy week saw Buffalo's D/ST as his highest scorer with 12 points. Dizzy Saturn made up for the Flacco shortfall with big contributions from LeGarette Blount and Arian Foster. Dizzy Saturn notches his first W of the season while Sweet Chin Music drops to 1-3. This is probably going to be the lowest scoring game all year.


Greetings from the Lord Humongous (The Commish)  vs. oldschoolhawk (84.15-153.56)

The Commish is off on vacation so it's not a surprise his team struggled. Thanks to him I now know the Jaguars have a running back named Deji Karim. Drew Brees scored 34 points but not much else went his way. Oldschoolhawk is now the only unbeaten team left in the league after a well-rounded performance from his team. Josh Freeman, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Jimmy Graham all delivered and then some.


TS6 Pulling Wool vs. MattPD (64.83-104.48)

For some baffling reason TS6 started Chad Henne, who started terribly before getting knocked out of the game. Hines Ward and LaDainian Tomlinson barely managed a combined 2 points. In fact his entire lineup was nearly outscored by MattPD's starting QB, Michael Vick. Despite the Eagles defeat Vick scored 54 points and in fact this was Matt's only starter to manage more than 9 points this week. Nonetheless the rest of his starters, led by Larry Fitzgerald, did more than enough to get the dominating victory and give MattPD his first win of the year.


Nate Dogg vs. Bone Crusher's (112.29-75.71)

Once again, it comes down to the QB-friendly points system. Nate Dogg started fantasy machine Tom Brady towards 29 points and got great production from the Titans D/ST and Michael Turner. Bone Crusher's was unlucky that Mike Martz actually ran the football last weekend, thus the 4 point output from Jay Cutler. The long touchdowns from Pierre Garcon yesterday were not enough for BC to pull off the comeback.


12th_man_syndrome vs. Wadswerth (80.25-118.76)

Wadswerth struck it rich by starting the Baltimore Ravens D/ST, which feasted upon Sanchize. Eli Manning quite amazingly has managed two consecutive games of excellency and it propelled Wadswerth towards the .500 mark.  12th_man_syndrome really had no support from his RBs (Tim Hightower and Knowshawn Moreno) and his two-game winning streak has come to an end.


Ghost of Rick Mirer vs. flyin' fijian (132.45-81.02)

QB disparity rears its head once more. Cam Newton continues to dazzle in close defeats as Ben Roethsliberger once again puts up a stinker. The other big difference in this one was the production from Matt Bryant and the New York Jets' D/ST, which gave Ghost an insurmountable lead. Flyin fijian's best scorer was Hakeem Nicks at 19.10 points but otherwise his lineup featured a lot of backups and rookies such as Kendall Hunter, Brian Hartline, and Alex Henery.


MeanMachine vs. Dawgpac (104.15-127.60)

Dawgpac handed MeanMachine his first L thanks to that Aaron Rodgers fella putting up 78 points. Rodgers' performance was so outstanding that it made the rest of Dawgpac's lineup not making 50 points completely irrelevant. Anquan Boldin, David Nelson, and Pittsburgh's D/ST all finished with under 2 points. Any other day and MeanMachine probably gets the victory as he had a good showing with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ray Rice, and Steve Smith (CAR), but Rodgers is putting up numbers that have to make you think he's the best QB in the NFL right now.



League Standings




Biggest Blowout of Season: oldschoolhawk def. The Commish 153.56-89.41 (week 4)

Closest Game of Season: Nate Dogg def. The Commish 126.41-125.73 (week 2)

That's all for this week's inaugural edition of Uncle Paul's Hobby Fantasy League Recap Show. See you next week!

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