Scouting our potential future QB

Well guys, i don't have any classes today and already had my advising appointment, so, I thought i would make a quick couple of scouting notes on a few of the QBs we might target (or get stuck with) in the draft. Then i saw that there was a lot more that i wanted to say than just a few words about each and realized a fanpost might be better.

Andrew Luck:

positives- He is a complete QB right now. He calls the offense himself in most scenarios, so his game intelligence is amazing for a college QB. his arm is very accurate and has the strength to make every throw. He's god decent mobility to get 3-5 on a broken play. Good pocket awareness. His release is quick and he progresses through reads well. Mature leader that no one would have any problems with handing their keys to the franchise.

negatives- he played for Stanford and suffers from a weaker schedule than if he played for a college that faced more consistent levels of competition. This makes me question if his success will continue at the next level. He'll be good, can he be great?

Who else am i talking about? that is a surprise that is in store.... After the jump!

Now, let's get into the more likely QB prospects:

Matt Barkley:

positives- he has a good arm, and wonderful pocket awareness. He always seems to sense the blitz and isnt afraid to hit the checkdown or throw the ball away to avoid a sack. His mobility is enough to get 2-3 yards on a broken play but nothing to write home about. He has good arm strength, and progresses through reads quickly. Great leader, but i've heard he can be hot tempered? unconfirmed so leadership is a positive.

Neuteral- He takes risks. A lot. Good because he's not afraid to, bad because he does it a lot. Very Flacco esq. so i dont like the frequency but that can be modified.

Negatives- He is not pinpoint accurate. He tends to overthrow, underthrow, lead too far, throw behind, guys. This is not good but correctable (the WRs he's throwing to are young and he could lack chemistry or they could be off their routes). His throws do not show the zip i like to see from a franchise QB. Sometimes it seems like the WRs are waiting for the ball in the flat. This is a whitehurst type mistake (he keeps going with the slow slant and slow curl and it gets picked consistently) though Barkley has been a little better with the decisions than Whitehurst so he doesnt throw it into tight coverage. Finally, i think he progresses TOO quickly through his reads. He sometimes misses a WR getting open and checks it down or sits in the pocket and gets pressured.

Landry Jones: Havent watched as much film as i have for barkley luck and... #4 but i have enough to base a bit of scouting.

Positives: Strong arm. He can heave the ball DEEP downfield (from what i've seen. Some say otherwise). He is quite accurate. He makes the right choice a lot of the time and can fit the ball into small windows. He is a good leader.

Neuteral: He can progress though the first 2-3 reads well, but then looks uncomfortable even when there isnt pressure. 

Negatives: He has balls soar high a lot  and also tends to throw behind receivers. This looks like a timing issue but could be more. He seems to sense pressure in the pocket when it isnt there, i don't like QBs who sense "ghost pressure" unless they're a one/2 year stopgap (gotta rep T.Jax!). Not sure how much i would trust handing him the keys to the franchise. I see "eli manning" in him personally.

Now, my favorite, Robert Griffin III: WARNING- analysis may be biased (seriously like this guy, but i'll try to be unbiased here)

Positives- Mobility first and formost. He is the fastest QB that will be drafted this year and not end up Brad Smith. heat on the throws. He has an incredible ammount of zip on every one of his passes, when he has time to set his feet and throw (watch some games, his line doesnt provide much time). He has the most accurate deep ball i've seen in a LONG time. Not only does he have the deep ball, but he knows when to throw it. I would really like to see him with Sidney Rice because the accuracy he has would fit perfectly in Sid's ability to shield a defender from the ball with his body. short accuracy seems good too, many goal line throws that are put perfectly so that only his guy will catch the ball or it's incomplete. Doesnt let the defenders have a chance to prevent points (protects points when they're there). This kid is a LEADER. He has a presence about him that inspires his players. (secondary positive i like is that his top WR can be drafted in the 4th-5th if he declares. Game changing speed but he's only 5-10 so...)

Neuteral: Decision making could use some work. I think he runs first too often. This could be because of the lack of protection his line provides so this is neuteral.

Negatives: His footwork could use work. He "dances" a lot in the pocket. Is that because he realizes by now that the pocket could collaps at any second? perhaps, until we know that i place it in the negatives. When he gets down by 2-3 scores i've seen "frustration throws" in which he heaves the ball downfield while under durress and bad things result. Something to note but not a dealbreaker. Can he show the same accuraccy on middle routes as he does on short and deep ones? I havent seen it as much as i'd like.


Truth be told, if we pick 8-12 i want griffin III. I think he provides the mobility pete likes in QBs with accuracy and arm strength that leads to franchise QBs. Realistically, i think we're picking somewhere in the top 5. We dropped two easily winable games and the schedule only gets... well... about the same-ish and worse. I dont think that means pete wont take his guy, but i think it increases liklihood of trading down and taking him later while getting a second rounder or another first next year. the only teams i think take QBs in the first are Miami, Seattle, Cleveland, and Washington. i dont buy into the colts wanting a QB over one of the many other positions of need. If this season has shown anything it is that they depend on manning too much and should build the rest of the roster while he's there to make a superbowl run. So, if our pick comes around, we could trade down with Washington and let them take barkley, Cleveland takes Jones and we pick up RGIII with our pick around 10-12 from ?Washington and then get any two of a CB, HB, DL in the second. with the additional upper end pick.

(so much for a short analysis piece huh?)

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