What College QB Can Realistically Be Obtained By The Seahawks In The Draft.


What College QB can realistically be obtained by the Seahawks in the draft.


There has been a heated debate about draft position or winning culture here since before the season began. There are very few positions on the offense that need attention. With Marshawn Lynch a FA along with Justin Forsett, a RB could be one of our top offensive focuses. Most of the Seahawks fans believe we need a Quarterback of the future.

Why do we need a QB?

Tarvaris Jackson has been inconsistent. His pocket presence has been shaky, and his read progression has been a big slow. He also tends to lock on a particular receiver too often. That being said Most believe he has played well enough to start next year. He is clearly not our QBotF though. Tarvaris' may not be getting a fair shake here, with a young and oft injured Oline, and a run game that early on was non-existent. He also has been playing weeks with a strained pectoral muscle.


That being said, We are in a youth movement here, building for the future. Some would call it taking our lumps. Many would argue that if we are going to deal with a young Oline and inconsistent play at the QB position, why not with a young prospect that could grow into a stable and electrifying part of the youth movement for a long time?


How do we get a QB?

There are very few "Franchise" QBs that hit the open market. So free agency is a place where you can get talent, but usually not at the QB spot. For the most part that means you draft a QBotF. Many Seahawks fans believe we need to make the QBotF our top priority and that is hard to argue. Some say we must draft a QBotF in the first round.


I have broken down mid-season Big boards from several experts including; Mocking the Draft here at SBNation, Mel Kippers top 25, Bleacher report, WalterFootball, NFLfuture, NFLmocks and several other expert opinions. Below you will find the most likely top QBs in the 2012 NFL draft and a few things about each.


First Round Potential

Andrew Luck. Junior. Stanford University.

Ht: 6' 4" Wt: 235

QB rating 116.7, Passing Yards 2937, TD 31, INT 8, Completion 70.3%

Consensus #1 pick overall

Luck is considered to have everything a quarter back might need. He has big arm strength, with a quick release, NFL size and has not had injury issues. Considered very accurate in short to mid range throws.

He is very mobile, as shown by his three running TDs this season. Luck has also plays in a pro-style offense. His one knock is that he can tend to force deep throws.


Synopsis: Luck is quoted as saying this is his final year at Stanford. Since he is a legitimate consensus #1 pick it almost assures he will declare for the draft. The one caveat is that he may want to stay one more year to try to win the big one.


Matt Barkley Junior University of Southern California

Ht: 6' 2" Wt: 220

QB rating 110.4, Passing Yards 3105, TD 33, INT 7, Completion 67.6%

Barkley is slated to be picked as high as 3rd by WalterFootball, and as low as 10 by Mel Kipper(3 WF, 5 NFLF, 7 BR, 10 Kipper)

Barkley is considered to be a very accurate QB who can make every NFL throw. He plays in a pro-style offense and has great touch to his throws. Barkley has improved every year, and has proven he can run a west coast offense. Barkley does have a few perceived weaknesses. Some believe that he may be a bit too short with how tall the linemen are in the NFL, other doubt his arm strength.


Synopsis: Barkley is a junior and the fact that the last two seasons USC has spent on probation, could make going back to USC for his senior year tempting. USC is always competitive and could challenge for the Title again next year. With Luck being the consensus #1 Barkley may make a play to stay one more year. If he does declare for the draft he most likely will be one of four QBs to go in top 10.


Robert Griffin III Junior Baylor University

Ht: 6' 2" Wt: 220

QB rating 133.7, Passing Yards 3572, TD 33, INT 5, Completion 72.9%

RG3 has been slated as high as 4 by NFLfuture and as low as 24 by Mel Kipper( 4 NFLF, 5 BR, 11 WF, 24 Kipper)


The most telling tale of RG3 is that he is being compared to both Steve Young and Randall Cunningham. He is an athlete who has a big powerful arm and quick feet. He can make every NFL pass and is putting up top notch numbers with very little talent around him. RG3 is listed at 6' 2" but some believe its an exaggeration. So the same fears about seeing over an offensive line come into play. RG# has also been forcing a lot of plays, maybe out of frustration with the lack of talent around him. He tends to take too many avoidable hits as well.


Synopsis: RG3 has been hinting at staying in Baylor for another year, even though he graduated and is working on his masters. He has dropped hints that he wants to get his first year of Law school done next year. There is a possibility he could come out this year but like the other four top round talent, its really up in the air. If he does declare he will be one of four QBs that could go in the top 10


Landry Jones Junior University of Oklahoma

Ht: 6' 4" Wt: 229

QB rating 103.8, Passing Yards 3796, TD 28, INT 10, Completion 65.3%

Jones Has been slated as high as 4 by Kipper and Walterfootball, and as low as 14 by Bleacher Report

( 4 WF, 4 Kipper, 5 Scouts inc, 12 NFLF, 14 BR)


Jones has a cannon of an arm that allows him to make all the NFL throws, he also is considered to be very accurate on short and mid range throws. He is considered productive and mobile being able to make throws in or out of the pocket. Decision making, and a system that inflates numbers makes a major concern.


Synopsis: Jones out of everyone is most likely to take advantage of his senior season to improve his numbers and draft stock. There is top tier talent behind Jones at UO that could play a part in his decision. Jones is not considered to be a first year starter, and will need time to adapt. Most commonly compared to Mark Sanchez. Could be one of four top 10 QBs, or could drop significantly.



2nd round


Ryan Tannehill Senior Texas A&M

Ht: 6' 5" Wt: 222

QB rating 94.4, Passing Yards 3191, 26 TD, 11 INT, Completion 63.5%

Tannehill is slated between a low first to a high third round pick (31 scouts inc 44 NFLF 65 WF)


Tannehill is considered the best Senior QB coming into the draft. He has not had a particularly great year. His decision making has been called into question. He tends to dominate lesser competition and struggles against better teams.


Synopsis: Tannehill is a senior so he does not have the option to go back to school. If he is picked in the first round the team picking him will be most likely reaching as he could be available late in the second or early in the third.


Worst/Best Case Scenario for the Draftees


Unbelievably not a single senior looks to be a first round pick. With four juniors being hailed as the top four. Many fans in the NFL especially Seahawks fans have been clamoring over those four. What happens if all four stay in school? Then Tannehill Becomes the top ranked QB this would no doubt be terrible for the QB starved league, especially the Seahawks. This would be the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is that all four juniors declare and the Seahawks pick on of them up. More than likely though Luck and Barkley will declare, and RG3 and Jones stay in school. Leaving 2 first rounders and a mid second rounder available.


Drafting Slots


The actual drafting projections depend heavily on drafting position of quite a few teams. Several bad teams already picked up their QBotF and will most likely not pick up another QB. The teams really looking to draft a QB with sub .500 records are The Indianapolis Colts(0-10, Luck), Jacksonville(3-7, Barkley), Redskins(3-7, Jones), Dolphins (3-7, RG3), Seattle (4-6, Tannehill)

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