DraftWatch - Week 12


This was a very bad week for Seahawk fans.

For one thing, the Seahawks lost. That sucked.

Not only did they lose, they lost in a way that completely exposed the team's immediate needs: namely, a quarterback that doesn't get the deer-in-the-headlights look every time it's third and long and the defense is showing a blitz.

On top of that, the teams that we desperately needed to win in order to gain some ground in next year's quarterback derby all lost. (Except for Washington, of course.)

And just to make matters worse, the most of the teams we might have looked to as potential trade partners ended up winning.

In other words, everything that could've possibly made our future prospects worse happened. (Well, except for the Seahawks losing. But that's not exactly what we're rooting for here.)

I guess it's kind of fitting that all of the events from the past five days have resulted in the Seahawks dropping to 13th in the current draft order. I half expect our next game to be against the Panthers. (See, 'cause their logo is a black cat. Get it?)

Here's how the rest of the lineup looks:

1. Colts (0-11, 94-82 SOS)

2-3. Rams (2-9, 101-75 SOS, 0-3 Div.)

2-3. Vikings (2-9, 101-75 SOS 0-4 Div.)

4. Jaguars (3-8, 87-89 SOS)

5. Panthers (3-8, 90-86 SOS)

6. Dolphins (3-8, 91-85 SOS)

7. Redskins (4-7, 80-96 SOS)

8. Cardinals (4-7, 83-93 SOS)

9. Chiefs (4-7, 89-87 SOS, 1-2 Div.)

10. Eagles (4-7, 89-87 SOS, 2-2 Div.)

11. Browns (4-7, 92-84 SOS, 0-2 Div.)

12. Chargers (4-7, 92-84 SOS, 2-2 Div.)

**13. Seahawks (4-7, 92-84 SOS, 2-1 Div.)**

14. Buccaneers (4-7, 96-80 SOS)

15. Bills (5-6, 88-88 SOS)

16. Titans (6-5, 82-94 SOS)

17. Jets (6-5, 85-91 SOS)

18. Giants (6-5, 90-86 SOS)

19. Broncos (6-5, 91-85 SOS)

20. Cowboys (7-4, 80-96 SOS)

21. Falcons (7-4, 82-94 SOS)

22. Bengals (7-4, 85-91 SOS)

23. Raiders (7-4, 89-87 SOS)

24. Bears (7-4, 91-85 SOS)

25. Lions (7-4, 99-77 SOS)

26. Texans (8-3, 77-99 SOS)

27. Patriots (8-3, 78-98 SOS)

28. Saints (8-3, 80-96 SOS)

29. Ravens (8-3, 82-94 SOS)

30. Steelers (8-3, 84-92 SOS)

31. 49ers (9-2, 79-97 SOS)

32. Packers (11-0, 83-93 SOS)

(Strength of Schedule is the total win-loss record of all opponents on the schedule. Divisional opponents' records are counted twice since they appear on the schedule twice. Divisional record breaks any further ties, with a coinflip as the final tiebreak.)

At the start of the year, we all expected that our scheduled matches against the entirety of the AFC North was going to play havoc on our playoff hopes. As it turns out, it's not doing much to help out our strength of schedule, either. Thanks to the improbable run of the Bengals to go along with the typical strong showings by the Steelers and Ravens, they're tied with the NFC North for the strongest division with a 27-17 record. That has a lot to do with why we always tend to be in the lower end of whatever tiebreakers we get involved in.

Seattle is hosting the Thursday night game against Philly, which means that come Sunday we'll be doing a lot of scoreboard watching to see if there's anything that can be done about our SOS. On that note, here's a breakdown of the remaining games for next week and what sort of implications they may have:

CAR @ TB: A Carolina win would take them to 4-8 and potentially gives Seattle the chance to leapfrog them down the road, while a Tampa Bay win keeps them behind us in the order. Root for the Bucs.

CIN @ PIT: Since it's a divisional AFC North game, it'll end up being a wash. Root for the Bengals, because Puck Fittsburgh.

ATL @ HOU: The Falcons are on our schedule. The Texans aren't. Root for the Texans.

NYJ @ WAS: The Skins are one of the many teams we can get in front of if they win. Which is especially important, since they're likely to be in the QB hunt next spring. Root for the Redskins.

IND @ NE: Neither team figures into the equation here, so root as you please.

OAK @ MIA: Miami can pick up their fourth win here, so root for the Dolphins.

DEN @ MIN: The Vikings are shaping up to be a potential trade partner, so root for Tebow Time.

TEN @ BUF: Neither team will be a factor, so root as you please.

KC @ CHI: Chicago's on the schedule, hence root for the Chiefs.

BAL @ CLE: The Browns are another team that might look for a quarterback, and are currently tied with Seattle. Root for the Browns.

DAL @ ARI: Arizona may be tied with us in the records, but they also have a lot of money invested in Kevin Kolb. Thus, they probably won't pose a threat come draft day. Root for the Cowboys, but don't feel bad if they lose.

GB @ NYG: Giants are on the schedule, so root for Green Bay.

STL @ SF: Root for the Rams, if for no other reason than to help bring the Niners back down to Earth.

DET @ NO: Neither team figures into our situation, so root as you please.

SD @ JAC: Either team winning would be beneficial, since the Jaguars would draw even with our win total and the Chargers would get behind us. Root either way.

That's pretty much it for this week. See you guys back here next Tuesday for another report. (And let me know if the whole "here are the teams you should root for" is something you want to continue seeing in the future.)

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