Seahawks at Rams gifs

Late gifs are better than no gifs. Thanksgiving slowed me down but there was too much good stuff from the Rams game for me to skip it all together. I'm hoping to have the Redskins up soon, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get that done. Not that anyone wants to see more of that game.

Play 1: Brandon Mebane vs Tony Wragge part 1. Unstoppable forces meets oh so movable object.

Play 2: Chris Clemons vs a triple team. Something to keep in mind before you get excited about every undersized speed rusher in the upcoming draft: The Leo needs to be able to play the run. A lot of people, myself included, thought the Leo position would leave the Hawks vulnerable to runs on his side. And if the Leo was what myself and others thought it would be that would've been true. Clemons is no Red Bryant but he can hold his own in the run game. He probably deserves more credit than we give him, he's a really well rounded player.

Play 3: Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane vs the right side of the Rams line. These guys manhandled the Rams offensive line all game.

Play 4: Leroy Hill vs Tony Wragge. Hill had 7.5 sacks as a rookie and has been used very little as a pass rusher since. I'd be interested to see if he can do more of this.

Play 5: Alan Branch vs Harvey Dahl. Branch embarrasses Dahl by pushing him back about 4 yards before joining Hill and Wright in cleaning up the play.

Play 6: Brandon Mebane vs Tony Wragge part 2. You know who's not very good?

Play 7: Marshawn Lynch vs CJ Ah You. Beef Moe in pass pro. Nastiest chip block I've seen in a while.

Play 8: Russell Okung and Max Unger vs Robert Quinn and Gary Gibson. Gary Gibson looks silly here and it's nice to see Unger finish off a pancake, but I'm guessing Gary Gibson looks silly a lot. Quinn on the other hand is a premier pass rusher that the Rams took 14th overall last year, and Okung black holes him.

Play 9: Brandon Mebane vs Sam Bradford. It's a little hard to tell from this gif but Bradford gets absolutely thumped on this play. There's an audible crunch on the TV broadcast when Mebane hits him.

Play 10: Zach Miller vs Brady Poppinga. This is Miller just doing his thing. The entire left side of the line seals off well and Lynch has a nice gain.

Play 11: Justin Forsett vs the run scheme. The very first one of these I did focused on the Seahawks run schemes. I was critical of a few plays, none more than this one. Look familiar?

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