An Updated 2011 NFL Playoff Picture for Week 15


As promised last week, I am breaking down the different scenarios that give the Seahawks a chance to get into the playoffs. First and foremost, the Seahawks need to continue taking care of their own business. At 6-7 and heading into a hobbled Bears den, the Seahawks need to get points on the board against a very good Chicago defense. Then a win against the 49ers, who just had an upset loss to Arizona, and a strong finish against the Cardinals. The Bears game looks easier than it did a few weeks ago, and inversely the Cards game looks tougher, but Seattle matches up very well with all three teams.

This week wasnt as kind as last week was to the Seahawks, but we did get a big win for our playoff hopes against a terrible Rams team.

Teams mathematically eliminated from playoffs this week:

Redskins, Panthers, Buccaneers

The competition

NFC East

New York Giants: 7-6

Remaining Games: Redskins (4-9), Jets (8-5), Cowboys (7-6)

RSOS: 19-20 49%

Dallas Cowboys: 7-6

Remaining Games: Bucs (4-9), Eagles (5-8), Giants (7-6)

RSOS: 16-23 41%

Philadelphia Eagles: 5-8

Remaining Games: Jets (8-5), Cowboys (7-6), Redskins (4-9)

RSOS: 19-20 49%

With the Giants winning their game against Dallas, at least one of these two teams can be, at best, 9-7 (without winning the division). Though it didnt give us a significant advantage over either one, it gave us an advantage against both. For ease of mind if both lose two games, and the Eagles win out, then Philly wins the division at 8-8. This is best case scenario for the Hawks ease of mind; worst case we deal with a 10-6 division winner and a 9-7 second place.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers - 13-0 Clinched Division and first round Bye

Remaining Games: Cheifs (5-8), Bears (7-6), Lions (8-5)

RSOS: 20-19 51%

Detroit Lions: 8-5

Remaining Games: Raiders (7-6), Chargers (6-7), Packers (13-0)

RSOS: 26-13 67%

Chicago Bears 7-6

Remaining Games: Seahawks (6-7), Packers (13-0), Vikings (2-11)

RSOS: 21-18 54%

Green Bay is looking for perfection, and for our own selfish reasons we want them to win out the regular season. The packers can do a lot of damage to their division by making the run, and helps us a ton by doing our dirty work. The Bears look the most vulnerable, and with a loss to Seattle, they can - at best - get to 9-7. Need a little more help with the Lions though.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints -10-3 Clinched play off spot

Remaining games: Vikings(2-11), Falcons (8-5), Panthers (4-9)

RSOS: 14- 25 36%

Atlanta Falcons - 8-5

Remaining Games: Jags (4-9), Saints (10-3), Bucs (4-9)

RSOS: 18-21 46%

There is no chance to catch New Orleans, so our best bet is to look for them to beat the Falcons. Also, Seattle is going to need help to knock the Falcons out of a playoff spot or into a tie with us. This could be dangerous for Seattle if they tie with ONLY the Cowboys and Falcons, then we lose tie breaker.

NFC West

San Fransisco 49ers: - 10-3 clinched division

Remaining Games: Steelers (10-3), Seahawks (6-7), Rams (2-11)

RSOS: 18-21 46%

Arizona Cardinals: 6-7

Remaining Games: Browns (4-9), Bengals (7-6), Seahawks (6-7)

RSOS: 17-22 44%

The Cardinals beating the 49ers didnt help our cause, but it certainly looks to set a possible repeat of last year where the Seahawks have to win to get into the play offs. The 49ers have it locked up, and the Cardinals have to face three good defenses to finish out.

Final Break down.

49ers, Saints, Packers have 3 of the 6 play off spots. One goes to the winner of the NFC East The easiest scenario is assuming the Seahawks win out and are 9-7. This puts the Bears at most 9-7, with seattle winning all tie breaks. Cowboys win their division. The giants at best are 9-7, with Seahawks winning all tie breaks. The Eagles and Cardinals can not compete for our play off spot. This will leave the Lions and Falcons as able to knock us out, we need one or both to lose two of their last three games. The lions are the best bet for this, based on record of opponents.

Who to root for, (as similarly highlighted by Hmpf):


Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons: Root for Jacksonville to win



Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Bucaneers: Root for Bucs


Seattle at Bears: Root for a Hawks win, and a good offensive showing to get us rolling into SF.

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants: Root for Redskins

Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders: Just win, baby! really helps if oakland wins this one.

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals: Its a matter of taste, a Cards win means a better chance of a show down in week 17.


Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers: Though it doesnt help as far as knocking anyone down a peg, if the 49ers win, we may see players rested, this is a long shot as the 49ers will want to play for the first round bye.

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