Seattle Seahawks Statistical Pride 2.0

Once again I put together a package of the Seahawk's top performers, hitting the top ten at their position both in the NFL and in the NFC. In the last episode, the Seahawk's defense was getting most of the attention from the national media, not that we ever get a lot of respect from them. This time, its Marshawn Lynch and his skittles fetish who is getting amped up media attention. For the first time since 2005, I believe people are taking the Seahawks serious on a national level. Here is why....


Top 10 Safety stats.

Kam Chancellor:

PD 1st NFL,

Interceptions Tied 3rd NFL (Tied 2nd NFC),

Sacks Tied 10th NFL (5th NFC),

Assisted Tackles 7th NFC,

Sack Yards Lost 8th NFC

Total Tackles 9th NFC,

Earl Thomas:

Assisted Tackles Tied 6th NFL (1st NFC),

Total Tackles 8th NFL (2nd NFC)

Solo Tackles Tied 10th NFL (Tied 5th NFC),

Atari Bigby:

Sacks Tied 10th NFL (5th NFC),

Top 10 CB stats.

Brandon Browner:

Pass Deflections 1st NFL

INT Ret Yards 3rd NFL (2nd NFC),

Interceptions Tied 3rd NFL (Tied 2nd NFC),

Pick Six Tied 3rd NFL,

Def Scoring Tied 3rd NFL,

Richard Sherman:

Force Fumbles Tied 7th NFL (4th NFC),

PD Tied 7th NFC

Roy Lewis:

Sacks Tied 7th NFL (2nd NFC),

Assisted Tackles Tied 5th NFC

Kennard Cox:

Sacks Tied 7th NFL (2nd NFC)

Walter Thurmond:

Forced Fumbles Tied 7th NFL (4th NFC)

Top 10 LB stats.

David Hawthorne:

INT Ret Yards 1st NFL

Pick Six Tied 1st NFL

Defensive Scoring Tied 1st NFL

Interceptions Tied 2nd NFL,

Assisted Tackles 5th NFC

Leroy Hill:

Sack Yards Lost 10th NFC

Top 10 DT stats

Brandon Mebane:

Solo Tackles 4th NFL (2nd NFC),

Total Tackles 7th NFL (1st NFC),

Assisted Tackles 4th NFC

Clinton McDonald:

Assisted Tackles Tied 10th NFL (Tied 2nd NFC),

Total Tackles 8th NFC

Top 10 DE stats.

Chris Clemons:

Forced Fumbles 5th NFL (4th NFC)

Sacks Tied 6th NFL (5th NFC),

Sack Yards Lost 6th NFL,

Assisted Tackles 6th NFC

Total Tackles 8th NFC

PD 10th NFC

Red Bryant:

Interceptions Tied 1st NFL

INT Ret Yards 7th NFL (5th NFC)

Assisted Tackles 8th NFC

Anthony Hargrove:

Tied 1st Safeties NFL

Tied 6th Defensive Scoring NFL (4th NFC)


Top 10 TE stats.

Cameron Morrah:

Rushing attempts Tied 4th NFL

Yards/G 5th NFL (4th NFC)

YRC 6th NFL (4th NFC)

Rushing Yards 7th NFL (4th NFC)

Top 10 WR stats.

Doug Baldwin:

20+ Yard Receptions Tied 4th NFL (2nd NFC)

YPC Tied 10th NFC

Top 10 RB stats.

Marshawn Lynch

Rushing First Downs 4th NFL (3rd NFC)

Rushing TD Tied 4th NFL (3rd NFC)

Carries 7th NFL (4th NFC)

Yards 7th NFL (5th NFC)

40+ Yard Runs Tied 8th NFL (Tied 5th NFC)

Y/G 10th NFL (6th NFC)

Top 10 QB stats

Tarvaris Jackson:

Rushing TD Tied 6th NFC

Carries 7th NFC

Completion % 8th NFC

Rushing Yards 8th NFC

20+ Yard completions Tied 9th NFC

40+ Yard Completions Tied 9th NFC

Completions 10th NFC

Passing Yards 10th NFC

Special Teams

Steven Hauschka

Average Kick off distance 6th NFL

Field Goals Made Tied 9th NFC

FG % Tied 9th NFC

Leon Washington:

Kicks Returned 2nd NFL

Return Yards 3rd NFL (2nd NFC)

20+ Yard Returns 2nd NFL

40+ Yard Returns Tied 2nd NFL (1st NFC )

Punt Returns 5th NFL (3rd NFC)

Return Yards 7th NFL (4th NFC)

20+ YR 8th NFL (5th NFC)

Average 10th NFC

Jon Ryan:

Punts Tied 3rd NFL (2nd NFC)

Yards 3rd NFL (2nd NFC)

Net Yards 3rd NFL (2nd NFC)

Longest Punt 2nd NFL (1st NFC )

Average 10th NFL (4th NFC)

Downed Punts Tied 2nd NFL (1st in NFC )

Inside 20 Tied 2nd NFL (Tied 1st NFC)

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